14~Asking out the Old.

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Dylan's POV

"Hey, what's that for?" I ask Rebecca when she throws me a black trash can bag after I come out of her room.

"You mister, are going to help me clean," she says in an angry tone. I should have known this was coming, I practically missed the whole party last night. I didn't even say thank you to her for throwing me the party. Sometimes, I don't show how I appreciate her, she even invited Marie-Anne.

"But, I'm the birthday boy," I say forming a pout on my pink lips.

"You spent the whole party in my room with Marie-Anne and your birthday was yesterday not today," she says walking into the kitchen and cleaning the counter tops.

"I'm sorry okay, I didn't know that we've been talking that long. I only realized it when Marie-Anne said that she had to leave because she had work in the morning," I tell her honestly. Marie-Anne was telling me jokes and it just felt so good talking to her again that I forgot about the party. She made my birthday extra special.

"Was talking all you guys did?" Bex asks.

"Yes, I think I know when people are talking, it's that thing people do when their mouth's moves," I joke taking a towel to clean the counter with her.

"That's not the only time someone's mouth moves, Dyl. It moves when someone is eating, singing, giving a blowjob," she mumbles the last part to herself.

"You can really be nasty sometimes, but thank you for throwing me a party and thank you for inviting Marie-Anne even though you know I don't like her very much," I tell her.

She chuckles taking the towel out of my hand, "you're right, you are the birthday boy, I'll cook you some brunch," she says making me sit down on one of the stools. "You should ask her out," she says while opening her fridge. She takes out some eggs and a bowl.

"Who?" I ask even though I knew who she was talking about.

"A particular someone who made your birthday extra special," she says raising her eyebrows so I can get the hint.

"Rebecca Phoebe Carson, will you do me the honor of going out on a date with me?" I ask. She huffs hitting me with the whisk, "Oh," I say rubbing the place where she hit me.

"I'm serious Dylan," she says, "I mean how bad could it be?" She asks.

"I'm not asking her out Bex. I do not want to take a ride back to my past and neither does she," I say. Marie-Anne made that pretty clear when she said that we weren't friends. I think relationships don't work for a reason, it means you two are not meant to together. We had a good run, but it does not mean we have to try it again.

"Remember how you owe me for helping with Brown and for being your friend?" She asks.

"I didn't know I owed you for being my friend," I say.

"You do, not many people can deal with you Dylan," she says, "you have to take her out tonight and I mean it. I want to see pictures and everything." She says starting to whisk the eggs.

"Bex, we are not doing this," I tell her, "asking someone out is not a game."

"Yes, we are," she says, "Dylan Andre Argent, you will ask Marie-Anne out," she says.


I can't believe I let Rebecca talk me into this, this is a bad idea. I'm ready to be disappointed, Marie-Anne will never agree to go out with me. I lean my body towards the desk smiling at the receptionist, "I'm here to see..."

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