Chapter 6: Danny's 'Audtioning the finger puppets', for me

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Katie's P.O.V

Its been a couple of weeks and me and Dan have been on a few dates now. But we still haven't, shall we say, sealed the deal yet. I mean I'm glad I haven't jumped into bed with him yet because I do want it to be special but it is hard sometimes because lets be honest Danny is smoking and I'm only human (women have urges too, ya know) but when he talks dirty to me, like what do I say back, knowing me I'll probably just say something stupid back.

I guess I haven't really spoke much to Danny for a few days but I have been pretty busy, with work and I only just recently got some time off. I'm going out with the girls tonight, ('Trixie', my best friend, I've know her since high school, she can still be a bit of a drama queen though, 'Jade' my close friend, who's CRAZY and loud but so am I and 'Lola' my other close friend, who's a bit quiet really). We haven't been out in ages, seen as I've been up here in London but their all meeting me in a restaurant, a few miles down the road from my hotel. I think its called 'Sufi' or something like that I'll probably have to give them directions to get here especially if Jade's driving, she really panics when its busy. But to be fair if your not used to it London can be a pretty bad place to drive (SOOOO MUCH TRAFIC), especially in the centre of London. I should know I drove here, in my mini cooper all the way from Chester.

I was hanging up some clothes of mine, that I just got back from the dry cleaners, when I heard my phone go off, on the side table of my bed. So I hung up the last of my clothes and strolled over to look at my Blackberry.

Danny: Hey lovely, how u been 2day. Haven't heard from u much recently, are you alright? xxx

Me: Helooo, I'm absolutely fine Danny, don't worry yourself about me. I've had an all in all, quite a productive day 2day. I went to the supermarket before, 2 get a few things for the mini fridge, in my hotel room. God I love food. xxx

When I sent the message to Danny, I put my phone down and didn't have a reply for a few minutes but then....

Danny: Join the club love, I do love a bit of food me self and of course a good pint of Guinness x

He never shuts up about his bloody Guinness you know.

Me: What you doing later then? x

Danny: Dunno, it depends how long I spend at the studio, I really want to get this next album right, you know. But me and the lads might go to my local bar, for a pint later tonight, I'm sure Mark wouldn't turn down a drink, ha. xx Why don't you come with us, we'll have a right laugh and I could introduce u 2 the monkeys I work with.

I can only imagine what Danny and the lads are like, when their out drinking but from some of the stories, Danny has told me, someone's gonna end up on the floor. Haha, might just be Dan, you know.

Me: No, I'm alright thanx, I'm busy 2nite. Well I hope you enjoy yourself, try not 2 get ya self 2 drunk, yeah heheh xx

Danny: I'll try my best sweets but I can't promise anything. I may need my own personal nurse 2morrow morning, you up 4 it? ;)

Me: Depends what kind of nursing u mean...

Danny: Nothing dirty I promise. Really I just want u 2 come over so I can see you x

Me: Oh well in that case, I'm unavailable

Heheheh, I just loved to tease him. As soon as I sent that I got a quick reply off Danny.

Danny: I was only joking, come over and u can give me some PROPER T.L.C xxxxx

Hahaha I could do this all daylong, with Danny but eventually it got to 5:00pm and I needed to get ready so I went to the wardrobe, in the corner of my room. I couldn't decide what to wear, I don't usually wear fancy dresses all the time, I'm happy in jeans, a nice top and some converse but seen as my friends had come all the way up to London to see me, I thought I'd better make an effort. So I reached for a bright purple, longish length skirt and a nice, sliming black top with thin straps. I also wore some black, stone flower embroidered pointed pumps. Its not like I need to wear heals, I'm already 5ft 10.

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