Bonus Chapter #2

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Hehehe, I decided this story needed a little more to it ;)

Bonus Chapter #2

I wiped the tears that were streaming down my cheek and looked at Tyler.

Is eyebrows were furrowed with confusion; How could he?

"What's wrong babe?" He asked, going to sit down next to me.

I pushed his chest and stood up, walking towards him.

"As if you don't know. You're chesting on me you piece of crap! I loved and trusted you!" I screeched, choking back a sob and blinking back tears.

He looked down at his shoe, ashamed with himself.

He looked guilty; good.

"How'd you find out?" He asked, his voice barely a whisper.

"You left your phone lying on  the table and I got the message from your co-worker. Hey babe, you wanna come over tonight? With a winky face." I recited, pain, ice, and fire all pulsing through my veins at once.

My heart was hammering in my chest, my head was throbbing, and there was a ringing in my ears.

"I'm Sorry." He whispered, as a tear slipped down his cheek.

"No you're not. I'm leaving and I'm taking Elsie with me." I gritted, wiping my eyes and tucking a strand of hair as I stormed out of the room.

I guess I should've suspected something since he's been coming home late every night, but I was too naive.

I quietly stepped into our daughter's room and picked up the sleeping five year old.

I carried her into our room and set her down on our bed.

I chewed on my bottom lip as I pulled out a suitcase and started packing.

He grabbed my arm, snaking his fingers around my wrist.

"Please, don't go." He begged, his voice shaking with emotion.

I wanted to give in, gosh I wanted to give I'm. But I couldn't.

I ripped my arm away from him and continued packing, ignoring every plead he had to stay.

It took everything I had not to accept his apology and fall back in his arms; but I figured he'd just do it again.

Without another word, I woke Elsie up, walked her and my suitcase out the door, and slammed it behind me.


When Elsie and I were in my car, I pulled my phone out and called the only reliable friend I had at the moment.

"Devan? Are you okay?" Taylor asked when she heard my quiet sobs.

"No. Can I crash at your place? I'll tell you every thing when I get there."

"Yeah, of course." She said, and I could hear how puzzled she was from her tone.

Taylor hadn't gotten married yet, so it was safe to crash there.
I didn't want to explain everything to Macie, because it's her brother I'm talking about.

This is bigger than her, honestly, this is bigger than me.

"Why are we leaving daddy?" Elsie asked behind me, and I glanced back at her small figure.

"Because daddy made a couple mistakes, and he isn't sorry enough for them." I explained, knowing the whole situation was too much for her to grasp.

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