Author's note: Story development |IMPORTANT!

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(Bloody hell the builders are fitting my solar panels at nine O clock... -_-)

This story will go through some major changes and most likely a title change. Some scenes will be completed scrapped, while the rest will be altered to my taste. For example, the art lesson where (Y/N) draws stereotyped self harm.

It actually kind of hurts me how stupid I was then to think I understood what people feel when they do it, I didn't. I do now though, so I'm changing it. That's it
//let's not rant…//

As you guys saw, I updated the cover a while back and that was basically the start to all the changes. :D

I have alot of free time this summer haha! XD

// I feel kinda shitty about how messed up my perspective on abuse and send harm was. I know alot more now. It kinda pissed me that (Y/N) had cuts and bruises on her but doesn't care to cover them up, some people are proud but it's too out of character for her.

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