Cry for Help (Part 2)

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Another long one! Go grab some food for this! I think it's gonna be a good one
QOTD: Kiibble or Beetong?
I squirm trying to break free.
"Shelby, calm down, it's just me."
I look, and it's Ethan.
He lets go
"Oh... Thank goodness! I was really close to losing hope. Heh." I say relieved
Ethan laughs.
Wh-why is that funny...?
"So, what's the surprise? That's why you told me to meet you up here, right?" I ask, somewhat confused
"Oh don't worry... You're gonna get your surprise. But first, you must answer a series of questions. Now sit down." Ethan said seriously
As I take a seat, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on. There was nothing up here, Except the chair I'm sitting on, and lights.
"Okay... Ask away!" I say forcing a smile
"Question number one. How much do you love me, Shelby?" He asked
"A lot!"
"Head over heels a lot?" He asked
"As a matter of fact, yes!"
"I see... Would you say, that I lured you in with my charm?" He asks mysteriously
"Well. Yes." I'm so confused...
"Well done, Shelby! You've past the test! My plan has worked, and will be in full effect!" Ethan says in triumph
"Ethan, I don't get it..." I say a 100% confused this time
"Renee! You can come out now!" He yells
Renee? Wh-who's Renee?!
"Who's Renee?" I ask fiercely
Renee walks through the door that brought me up to the roof top.
"Oh dear Shelby, I'm his girlfriend!" She says with a smile
They stand around me
"W-what? I-I thought... I thought you liked me... We kissed! We had a picnic! We talked about many things! We even got ice cream together... Does that not mean anything to you?!" I asked angrily
My heart began to break... I felt so... Betrayed!
"Shelby! This is the point! This is my little plan! It was to make you fall in love with me, and then to break your heart! You really thought I meant all those things I said? Shelby, Shelby, Shelby. Have you forgotten that I hold grudges? Oh! I'm sure you have! Ever since you replaced me with Liam!"
I was so angry! A-and heart broken... Will, Liam, and Graser were right... He really is a jerk... I should've stayed with Will to take care of him! I can't believe I fell for his charm. I feel so stupid...
"Don't you dare yell at me, Shelby." He says calmly
I stand up, and run to punch him. But, Renee grabs my arm and pushes me towards the wall. She puts her cold hands around my neck.
"Ugh! Let me go!" I yell
She begins to choke me, but stops when I need to gasp for air.
"Shelby, do you realize how much it hurt me to get replaced by Liam? When I met you that day at McDonalds, I hated it. Luckily, my girlfriend was there to comfort me. She helped me create this plan. Heck, she even allowed me to go on that pathetic lunch date. She hated seeing me miserable. But now... I'm completely happy. I broke your heart, just like you broke mine. And there's one more thing left breaking, your face. Renee, do your job. I'll watch the door." He said with a grin
"I'd be glad to." Renee said with a smirk
"W-what are you gonna do..? T-throw me off of this hotel?! If you do, y-your prints are gonna get traced... And Graser knows that I'm up here..!" I yell
I lied... Graser doesn't know I'm up here... He's probably having fun dancing, or singing... Or maybe eating all the pizzas and Eggo waffles... (Waffle of iron/wallfull of iron)
"Poor Shelby. I'm sure I'll hurt you enough that you won't remember." Said Renee
"Isn't a broken heart enough?!"
"Sorry, but not in this case."
She chokes me until I start coughing, and throws me to the hard, concrete ground.
My elbow... It's bleeding... Seeing my own blood made me want to barf.
She kicks my stomach with her pointed heels. I was close to blacking out. The pain was making it complicated for me to focus.
Meanwhile with Will

I am totally not in the party mood. I was still depressed about the whole situation. I just wanted to talk to someone. I wanted to talk to Shelby. Even if it wasn't about the situation. I just wanted a chance to talk to her...
I go up to Graser to ask him where she is.
"Grase! Where's Shelby?!" I asked over the loud music
"She said she wasn't gonna attend the party for a while. She had to do "something." He yelled
I sigh.
"I'm gonna ask H if I can hang out in the hotel room he rented! I just don't feel the party vibe right now."
"Okay dude!" He yelled, feeling the music a little too much.
I walk over to H.
"H! Can I have the keys to your hotel room? I'm not in the mood to party."
"Yeah, sure!" He says, as he hands me the keys
I start making my way to H's room until...
Back to Shelby
Feeling the pain made me remember that I had my phone. I have no idea why... The only thing I was thinking about was how to escape this situation.
Renee began kicking my shins with her pointed heels.
Shelby... Don't pass out! You need to get out of here!
I look over at the door. If Renee can get caught off guard, then... I can push her towards Ethan, shut the door, and block it with the chair...
Renee begins taking off one of her heels. Probably to beat me with it.
Shelby this is your chance!
I push Renee as she's out of balance. She falls on Ethan, and I shut the door, taking the chair, and blocking it to buy me some time.
"Who do I call?! Who can pick up their phone right now, who can come rescue me quickly?!"
I start to think... Oh! Will! Graser said that he wasn't in the party mood! I could call Will.
Will... I thought
I struggle to find his contact, due to me trembling from the pain. I finally find it and start the call quickly, hoping that he'd answer.

I feel my phone buzz. Is it worth it? Should I answer? What if it's Shelby? I should check.
I take my phone out of my pocket, and see that it is Shelby! I immediately answer.
Will: Hello? Shelby?
Shelby: Will! Will! Thanks for answering!
Will: Where are you? You aren't at the party
Shelby: I know! I'm sort of in a predicament... I'm in pain, on the rooftop...
Will: What?! What happened?!
Shelby: Just come to the rooftop! Please! I'll explain later! I don't have much time left! Please hurry!
Will: Okay! Don't worry!
~End of call~
By the time Will and I had hung up, Ethan and Renee were already really close to breaking through that door. I immediately climb on top of the roof, of which held that door in place, and sheltered you when you came up here.
Ethan and Renee bust through the door. I cover up my mouth, to prevent myself from making noise.
I hope Will gets here sooner... I don't think I'll last long up here.
I rush through the hotel, hoping to find the staircase that led to the roof. What could be happening with Shelby? If I don't make it on time, would she be dead? I can't let that happen. Suddenly, I get an adrenaline rush from the thought of Shelby dying, and breeze through. I then see a sign. [Rooftop]

Will... Please hurry...
"Oh Shelby! Where are you?" Renee yelled
"You can't hide forever, Shelby! Just come out, and we won't throw you off this building." Said Ethan
Renee looks up at me.
"There she is!" She points up at me
"Please! Just leave me alone!" I plead
Suddenly, I hear footsteps rushing up the staircase.
"Will?! Help!" I yell
"Sh-Shelby?! I-I'm coming!" I hear him yell
I'm gonna end it there guys! But don't worry, part three will be up later. I just needed to end it because it was too long.

Answer to QOTD: I choose Kiibble, hands down. I despise Beetong, tbh. I don't think they'd match.

Anyways, thanks for reading my amazing jars of jam!

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