Part 9

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"How is tour already over?" Jack asked after a minute of quiet.
Everyone was sitting in the front lounge, we were all excited to get home, but all the loudness and traveling I would miss.
"Fuck." Awsten whispered. "I mean I'm excited to get home and be able to get my orange juice at will but fuck."
"Almost time to go." Alex said, standing up, "we have to be at the airport in like ten minutes, so like grab your stuff, princess."
I followed Alex to the bunks, grabbing my two normal bags, then my carry on, which had chargers and headphones, stuff like that.
I set my things on a small pile the others had formed with their things.
"We should probably get going now." Rian said after a minute.
Waterparks was still gonna have to sit on the bus for about two hours until their flight.
"Bye kiddo. It's been cool hanging out with you." Awsten gave me a hug as I picked up my things.
"Bye, Aws." I smiled, hugging him back. "Bye Geoff, bye Otto."
I hugged them and exchanged goodbyes.
"Ready to go home, angel?" Alex asked as we walked off of the bus.
"I think." I replied, nodding.
TIME SKIP TO THE PLANE (bc I literally forgot how security works oops).
I sat next to Alex, he let me have the window seat. But Alex was in between me and Jack, Jack was on the isle seat. And Rian and Zack were in the row ahead of us.
I looked out the window quickly, I felt my breath go a little quicker.
This thing was gonna be off the ground, it could crash at any point during this. And it's so heavy I would probably die. If we crashed on water it'd be like hitting cement, I'd drown probably. But if we landed on actual land I'd probably either be crushed or burned alive.
"Alex." I gently tapped his shoulder, not wanting any attention from anyone else. "Alex I can't do this."
Hot tears started to pour down my face. "I can't do this, the plane is gonna crash and I'm gonna die. Alex I need to get off."
Alex picked up the arm rest and pulled me into his chest.
"Look, princess, we can't get off the plane, but I've ridden a bunch of planes, and look I'm here with you right?" I nodded into Alex's chest, still crying pretty hard. "Shh, baby girl, I got you." He smoothed down my hair.
"Is she okay?" I heard Jack whisper, and Alex nodded a little.
"Breathe, princess, listen to my heart beat okay." I nodded again.
The loud speaker started saying the safety rules or whatever, and I started crying again.
"Dad, I can't do this I'm gonna die." I tried to get myself as close to Alex as I could.
"No baby you got it, look are you buckled."
"Yeah." I felt Alex nod.
"Ok, so look go to sleep, princess. It's only about a two hour flight, and you haven't been sleeping."
"Okay." I was still crying a little but not as much.
"Okay, angel, the plane is about to take off now, okay?" I nodded.
"Here." I heard Jack say, then Alex thanked him.
"Chew this, El," he handed me a piece of gum. "It'll help your ears not hurt."
"Ok, ready," I put the gum in my mouth, trying to close my eyes, and sleep. "Breathe."
The plane took off and Alex held me in a hug, trying his best to cover my ears.
"You're okay, baby, I'm right here." I nodded and cuddled into his chest.
"I love you." I whispered, closing my eyes one last time, determined to go to sleep.
"I love you, princess."
Guys I got to see All Time Low and I cried so much. Then I bet Awsten from Waterparks and had a mild anxiety attack the entire time. Also he gives the best hugs I'm - ??

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