~Jon | The Loathed~

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-Age 12-

"Why are you mad at me this time, Rayne?" The boy with the jet black raven coloured curls asked the girl that stomped away angrily.

She didn't want to even look at him. The fight was so miniscule and silly but she saw it as something more. She furiously stormed away and flinched in surprise when his hands wrapped around her thin wrist and pulled her to face him.

"Why are you angry? What'd I do to upset you." He inquired, all the while staring down into her deep brown eyes.

"Let go of me." She spat whilst trying to twist her wrist out of his grasp.

"Not until you tell me why you are so upset."

Rayne rolled her eyes and sighed, finally giving up the fight. The once cold wind died down right when she was about to speak, as if it was patiently waiting for what she had to say.

"You piss me off so much, Jon Snow." biting her lip, Rayne took a step closer to Jon.

Jon's face fell into a look of guilt as he processed what she was saying. "What do you mean?"

Jon may have seemed dim at this moment but he stood genuinely confused as to what the girl was speaking about.

"What I mean is that you annoy me by hating yourself."

At this point his eyebrows furrowed into a look that matched his frown.

"I'm not sure what you mean by that." he muttered softly while gently letting go of her wrist.

"Yeah." she murmured. "Yeah you do. You've sat here in Winterfell hating yourself from day one just because you aren't Catelyn's son."

"I don't hate myself it's her that hates me and-"

"Bullshit." Rayne's anger had finally boiled over and forced Jon to have a look of incredulity. "You hate yourself because you aren't Catelyn's son and because you're afraid of what people think of you. You're so wrapped up in your own head that you create these stupid scenarios where everyone hates you just because you are a bastard!"

Jon backed up slightly at Rayne's raised voice. He had never heard her call him his label before and, after she did, he wasn't so sure that he liked it coming from her lips.

Rayne noticed his increased distance and his face fall. "Why do you do this to yourself? It's only going to upset you."

"I'm not and will never be a Stark. I won't ever be seen in the eyes of the people as Ned Stark's legitimate son. That's why it bothers me so much. I'm just a mistake."

"Why do you care so much about titles? He still loves you unconditionally, just as much as Robb." Rayne's eyes started tearing up from so much anger and frustration.

"I've just always wanted a father and mother to care for me. You wouldn't understand."

"I understand more than anyone else, Jon." he immediately felt guilty after she said that.

Memories of Rayne coming into his chambers at ungodly hours of the night when they were younger flooded his thoughts. He could vividly remember her tear stained face after the nightmares she had and he felt flattered that she trusted him with every single one.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bring that up." he looked to the ground shamefully.

"Well you did." Rayne spat before storming off all over again.

These situations would happen more often than not. Rayne and Jon would get into a fight and he'd end up saying something ridiculous and she would proceed to stomp off in aggravation. In a few days, they'd realise that they miss one another and forgive and try to forget.

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