Izeiah's Pov

"As you all see, we are here to conclude about the alliance between Fujiwara and Robinson. And that being sa--"

"Then why is he here?" Itinuro ko si Ivan na ngayon ay umiinom ng kape o some kind of drink.

"And also can I please have white chocolates, I'm starving" hindi ko alam lumabas na pala ang gusto kong sabihin napatayo tuloy si Green. Na trauma na ata.

"I'm sorry, little one but we don't serve chocolate here." Sabi ni Green at ngumiti pa ng creepy. Creepy talaga ang mga tagarehab.

"That's impossible. Sa yaman niyo?"

"Well, eversince that day and you know what I'm talking about, all the chocolates ended up in the trash." Inexplain ni Blue. Oh. What a waste.

"Yeah. Back to my question why is he here?"

"We were going to discuss about something else but since we got a call we decided to talk about this matter first thus explain his presence." Tumango tango ako.

"Zeah, I think nagkapalitan tayo ng inumin. Mukhang gatas ito."

"And what is this?"

"Coke." Simpleng sagot niya. I'm going to stick with this.

"Nah. It's fine. You can have it, I'm not having any of that milk I've grown tired of it." I said and took a sip of the coke.

"H-hindi kasi, ibang coke iyan." Sabi niya. Tumaas kilay ko. Hindi ba meron lang isang lasa dapat ng coke? This is so weird.

"Can you please be a sweetheart and drink the goddamn milk? I ain't going to have those scolding today I tell you so drink it." Napakamot si Blue sa noo.

"Okay. Okay. Chill bruh." If it weren't for that elder I wouldn't need to drink this milk again. If she wants me to get taller, she shouldn't forbid from eating chocolates.

"So--tell me, what am I doing here?" Sabi ko pagkatapos kong inumin ang kalahati nito. Nakakasuya narin. Malapit na din akong sumuka dahil dito.

"You drove Riley here." Simpleng sagot ni Green. Na- uh, she drove us here. We didn't even talk the whole time. Oh well.

"Since it's that. I guess I have to go now." Tumayo na ako. Wala naman pala akong mapapala dito eh. Tsk. Tinextsan ko na si Butler Chan na sunduin ako. Tsk. I atleast have to make use of my time.

I went to the pool area. They have like this really big aquarium and I have a goldfish in there. The only reason I visit those two is because of the goldfish, Pink. Pink is a really fat goldfish that I adopted.

It used to live in my house but since I always feed it every 2 hours it became so fat it couldn't swim anymore and it had to go on a diet and to do so, she have to move here so Blue can watch over her.

Okay, just in case you're confuse. Blue is not a fish but Pink is. And Green is not a human, he's like a different kind of mammal. He's just not our kind.

I searched for the fish food, hatever you call it. I brought a stool over because the aquarium is bigger than me and for some reason, they placed it near the pool.

"Pink! Eat, little fish." I sprinkled the food around but the goldfish isn't making its appearance yet. Nagtatampo ata dahil ilang buwan ko nang hindi siya binisita.

"Here, you can have all the food so please forgive me already." I poured all the food in the aquarium but the fish hadn't appeared yet. This is so sad I could cry. I even had a hard time pouring all the food at once because the stool was too short. Stupid stool.

Sumakit bigla ang ulo ko at feel kong matulog. I stumbled backwards that I fell on my butt. I want to sleep. I stood up and tried to regain my posture. What is happening? I was shaking on the spot and couldn't keep still anymore so I fell.

But the ground wasn't there to hurt me instead I felt cold water swallowing me. I'm drowning but I can't wake myself up. Swim. Up.
Huwag kang malunod. Gumising ka! Pero walang nangyare, bumaba lang na bumaba ako sa tubig. Dahil biglaan ang paghulog ko nawawalan na ako ng hininga.

The light--- it's disappearing.

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