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November 29th, 1989
Memphis, Tennessee

I had been talking and writing John as much as I could. Today, I'm finally getting to see him again. We've been dating officially about 5 months. I brought the picture he sent me, and made my way backstage with Shelby once the show was over. It just so happened that Loesha, Flea's girlfriend was also there. I talked to her while Shelby talked with Jennifer, Anthony's girlfriend. 'Hey' I hear John say from behind me I turn around to see him with his arms open. 'Hi!' I say, enthusiastically hugging him 'I've missed you' he says while hugging me 'I've missed you too' hugging him back I talked to the guys, and they told me John talks about me all the time. 'If he's not talking about Music he's talking about you' Flea said, making me blush 'Has he been good?' I asked Flea, Jokingly 'Yeah He's always good' he replied, Laughing we all went back to the hotel, and hung out. We played Uno, Scrabble, and the guys told us tour stories. 'Yeah, and then Chad started dry heaving, because of how disgusting the hot dog looked after he threw it up' Anthony was telling us the story of when Chad got sick from eating a street hot dog in New York city. 'That's why you don't eat street food in New York, you could get food poisoning' I tell Chad 'wow, ok, mom!' Chad says, laughing 'Are you staying?' John said, giving me puppy eyes 'I guess I mean I don't have to work and yall have the day off' He hugged me 'Get a room!' Flea, exclaimed 'Shut up, dude'

2 hours later

John and I shared a room with Chad and Anthony. Shelby had to leave, because her mom had a cold, and she wanted to take care of her. Jennifer left after she and Anthony had a fight. 'Y'all don't mind sharing beds do you?' I ask them 'oh, no it's fine we're used to having our butts touching at night' Chad says Flea and Loesha had a room to themselves, so they each had a bed. 'Goodnight, guys' I tell them, I called my mom, and told her where I was so she wouldn't worry, and told her I'd be home later sometime tomorrow. 'Goodnight, John' 'Goodnight, Potatoe' John had came up with weird nicknames for me I went to sleep right after that. I dreamed about what our life would be like in 5 years.


'Nick, stop playing with that' I had warned our son about playing with Johns amps, telling him he would get in trouble. John walked in from being outside with the guys, they had played a few new songs from the new album outside to see how they would sound outdoors. 'Nick, what did I tell you?' John says getting down to Nick's level 'Not to play with it' Nick says, sounding sad 'Why did I tell you not to play with it?' 'I could get hurt' John and I had talked about having another baby sometime in the future. 'We need to wait, until you're not touring and you can actually be here' I tell him, he nods his head in agreement 'Wow, whoever would've thought, that 5 years ago we would've had a kid' he says 'Isn't it crazy! He's grown so much' John and I spend the day, being together and playing with Nick.

If only that's how it would've gone instead of John being a Junkie. It would have been nice to have had a child with John at that time, but due to his addiction we (mostly me) decided to put off the family thing for a while. When you're a Junkie, all you care about is getting the next fix. John wouldn't be able to give our child the attention they needed, nor would I because I would be too busy worrying about John OD'ing on Herion to care for a baby.

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