Chapter 36 - Introduction

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Cameron's POV

"Amara," I yelled as she walked away from me.

"What?" She whined turning around, but instantly she smiled once she saw my face covered in peanut butter. "What the hell?" She giggled walking towards me.

"I'm trying to attract your dog," I explained crouching down near the cold wood floor; waiting for a six week old golden retriever. Paws clicked on the floor, and panting became obvious in the air. Amara crouched down beside me, clapping for her dog, Jake, to come towards her and I.

"Jakey," A sweet yell escaped her plump pink lips. I smiled as I admired her features; her beautiful golden looking eyes, her long light brown hair which trailed down her white tank top. A collar rattled and cute baby voices entered the atmosphere. "Jakey poo," Amara scratched Jake's neck causing him to pant in enjoyment. "Call him," Amara said in her normal voice to me.

"Jake," I squealed a little. Four paws approached me, two were then placed on my shoulders. A wet scratchy tongue was placed on my face, licking all the sticky peanut butter off of my face.

"I'm home!" A door slammed. I pushed Jake slightly off my lap, then turned to look at the door. A woman in her early thirties walked in. Her hair was a darker shade then Amaras's and her eyes were brown. She was perfectly shaped and had a fairly decent style. "Hi," She said as she looked at me surprised. "Amara who's this?" She asked between a smile.

"Mom, this is Cameron. Cameron this is my mom," Amara introduced us.

"Hi," I stood up then outstretched my arm. "I don't normally look like this," I referred to the peanut butter spread across my face.

"I was hoping not," Amara's mother commented then shook my hand. "Call me Lisa."

"Hi, Lisa," I awkwardly said, causing my cheeks to turn pink.

"So are you my daughters boyfriend? Or...?"

"I'm her friend, I'm here for a school assignment," I cleared up the confusion.


"I'm fifteen, ma'am," I answered respectfully.

"Oh, okay. What are you guys working on?" She asked with speculation sprinkled in her eyes.

"Science project, we have to do an experiment on absorbing. So we both bought different brands of paper towels and we're going to test which ones the best," Amara brightly answered.

"Oh, well I'm going to into the office and pay the bills. So have fun," Lisa smiled then took her belongings with her into a small office located next to the living room.

"Go clean up!" Amara laughed.

"Fine," I rolled my eyes then walked to her bathroom right off the kitchen. The bathroom was a light shade of green with brown accents scattered around. I looked around and found a brown washcloth-matching the room-then turned the sink on to warm. The washcloth was placed under the water, allowing it to soak up the water. I turned the water off then wiped my face. Lukewarm water dripped down my chin.

I looked in the mirror and decided my face was clean enough. I observed even closer and noticed a small pimple forming on my chin. I groaned, trying to look my best for a girl is not one of my talents.

I threw the dirty cloth into a small laundry basket the walked back out to the kitchen to meet Amara. "Hey," I said approaching her. She was unwrapping an uncommon brand of paper towels. "Does my face look better."

Her gaze snapped up and her expression turned to disgusted, "No."

"Wow, aren't you nice," I sarcastically commented.

"Thank you," Her straight white teeth appeared. We both laughed. I decided to help her by unwrapping the other rolls of towels. I slowly and confidentially reached my arm around her back and grabbed a roll. Her head turned as I did so, our eyes locking on each other. She looked down at my arm then back at my face.

"Sorry, I'm just-"

"It's fine," Her small and delicate words cut mine off.

"Okay," I responded silencing the 'O.'  I quickly grabbed the paper towels and went to opening them with now red cheeks.

"Which brand do you want to test first?" Amara asked breaking the awkward silence.

"Uh, I don't care," I said extremely fast, still trying to hide my cheeks.

"So we'll start with the cheap brand?" She cleared her throat. I looked over at her noticing her golden eyes staring at my boring brown ones. I nodded attempting not to saying anything. Why was I falling so hard for my friend? "Cameron," Amara started. "Do you like me?" My eyes widened a bit, but I tried to make it unnoticeable.

"Yeah," I gulped immediately regretting what I said.

"That's what I figured," Amara answered in a depressed tone.

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