Chapter 6

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As (Y/N) slowly arose from her slumber, she looked over to see Ja'far's side of the bed was unkempt; as if he threw the sheet off haphazardly. She quietly got out of the bed and opened the door to their room and looked down the hall to hear people talking, Ja'far's voice the most prominent. He seemed very happy, and that peaked her curiosity. She walked towards where the voices were coming from and peered through the slightly opened door to see Ja'far, Vittel, and Mahad smiling towards a woman with very light hair.

'Who is that?' As she continued to stare, the woman turned her heads towards (Y/N) and smiled at her, warmth emanating from it. 'I've been had!' The pale haired woman goes up to her and places her hand delicately on top of (Y/N)'s head and squats down to be eye level with her.

"My name is Aer. I felt something happen yesterday while I was traveling. Could you tell me exactly what happened?

"W-why should I? You could be working for those guards." Ja'far walked over to (Y/N) and placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned to look at the boy as he smiled at her.

"She doesn't work for Reim. She's a wandering mage. She helped Sinbad free me, Vittel, and Mahad. She's also helped Sinbad a couple of years ago."

"So she's here to help me?"

"I think so."

"He's correct, (Y/N)." She jumped when she hears her name come from the lips of the woman in front of her.

"How do you know my name?!" The woman (Y/N) now knows as Aer chuckled at her response, then stands up and walks over to her staff.

"I saw you in Sinbad and Ja'far's futures. That's one of my powers, little (Y/N). I can see the future of anyone that I shake hands with."

"If that's true, then why don't you already know what happened?"

"I do. I wanted you to tell me what went through your mind and body when it happened. That way, I can help train you better." Aer walked towards the (H/C)ed girl, handing her a small staff that had a hollowed out circle on the top with wings coming from the base of the staff; to (Y/N), it looked like the wings were holding the circle in place. "For now, this will be your staff. All Magicians use them to amplify their powers. I use a staff as well."

"Besides read people's futures, what else can you do?"

"Much more, but pray don't delve into that topic. The magic I know is far too powerful for your comprehension and your body." (Y/N) only nodded as she followed Aer out of the room, clutching onto the staff. "So, are you going to tell me what happened?"

"Y-yeah..." The two sat down on top of some boxes as both girls placed their staves in their laps, hands gently placed on top of them. "Well, I was getting chased by guards, and I felt something stir within my stomach. It was kind of like a warm, tingling sensation. The sensation went up to my throat as I screamed. I didn't exactly see what happened, but once I did open my eyes, I saw Ja'far running up to me, but he had some blood coming out of his ears." Aer sits quietly and places her right hand to her lips in a thinking motion as she tries to understand. The sensation of magic is different for every person.

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