Random Tag #4

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Hello everyone, mhagdog1 here! So since today is a special occasion for me (August 7th) I have decided to do a tag that I was tagged in a bit ago, but just got around to doing it! (Any one on here who knows me in real life or whatever, don't say it in the comments). I was tagged by AllisonAwesome. Here it is!

 Here it is!

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1. Favorite Song?

My favorite song changes often as I listen to and find new songs and I might even have more than 1 song usually. So here is 2 of my fave songs:

Into You By. Ariana Grande

Ride By. ZZ Ward (Cars 3)

2. Favorite Sport?

Don't have one

3. Favorite Band?

Again, don't have one (but maybe R5)

4. Favorite Show?

WITH NO DOUBT, The Vampire Diaries!!!
1/3 of my major fandoms

5. Favorite Movie?

2/3 of my major fandoms

6. Favorite Color?


7. Favorite Food?

Macaroni and Cheese is my all-time favorite food!

8. Favorite Drink?

Well, it depends on what type of drink it is. For pop, Coke. Juice, Sparkly or Sparkling Lemonade.

9. Favorite Video Game?

The Sims 4 for computer but for Nintendo probably Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

Well that's basically it. Sorry AllisonAwesome I didn't really got the notif from Wattpad.

Bye everyone!

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