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The book cover will certainly change as soon as I find a better one, or as soon as I'm sent a better one, so few free to get creative and send me one.


[kis] verb
1. touch with the lips as a sign of love, sexual desire, reverence, or greeting.

What do you do when the most gorgeous, charming, and popular guy in your school comes to youthe most awkward girl who couldn't keep a friend or significant other for more than a weekasking for your help?

You give it to him.


Stella Allen had grown up watching Landon Saunders build his way up the ranks of high school popularity. He was charming, funny, gorgeous, great at sports, and an all around nice guy. Guys envied him, and girls wanted to do him. He was perfect. He could do anything.

Except kiss.



This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, businesses, places, events, or incidents are pure fiction. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, or events is purely coincidental.

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