Chapter ELEVEN ♡

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// Kayleigh's POV //

Today's the dance
we don't have school today since we have to get ready for later night

I checked the time and it was 8:47 am
I got up and fixed myself
I went downstairs
It was really quiet
"Good morning" i broke the silence
My step dad's not here
"Hi Kayleigh, i have to tell you something" mum said
"Go ahead"

"You and Sophie are Half sisters. She has a different dad which is your step dad. We didn't want you to know that. Me and your dad broke up when you were just months old and months later, me and Sophie's dad found each other. When you were 3, we broke up because of personal family reasons and got back when you were 7. Sophie thought her real mum was her step mum because again, we told you a different story" she explained

I just sat there really quiet with nothing to say
I don't know how to feel
Im lost
"I- I thought my real dad.... died" I started
"Is he still alive?"
"Yes" mum said
I got up from my seat and ran back upstairs and shut the door behind me

I collapsed on my bed with a pillow on my face
I burst out crying
I can't believe she lied to me this whole time
She said my dad died because of a car accident

My pillow is soaked from my tears
I checked the time
9:31 am
Did I actually cry this long?!
I went on my phone and called Harvey

Harvey: hey Kayleigh
Kayleigh: h-hey harv
Harvey: you okay? What's wrong? Why are you crying?
Kayleigh: I'm okay. It's really personal Harvey
Harvey: oh okay. Always remember that you can talk to me every time
Kayleigh: thanks Harvey. I just wanted to talk to you because im kind of down right now

We talked and talked for ages
Until i got called for lunch

*time skip to 4:30 pm bc nothing much exciting happened*

I got ready for the dance
I didn't wear a really nice and long dress since its not prom
I wore the dress that Aunt Alissa or for short Aunt Lisa gave me
(Picture down below)

I got ready for the danceI didn't wear a really nice and long dress since its not promI wore the dress that Aunt Alissa or for short Aunt Lisa gave me(Picture down below)

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I did my makeup but not too much because I usually don't wear makeup

I waited for about 20 minutes and I heard a car outside
I went downstairs and opened the door
"Mum! Sophie! I'm going now!" I said
"Bye Kayleigh have a good time!" Mum said

I jumped in the car
"Hey Sydney!" I said
"Wow i love your dress" Sydney said
"Thanks" i said

We arrived at school and there were lights all over the place
"I can't wait" i said

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