The Student Council

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Jellal's P.O.V.

After the MPF Event and achieving S-Class, the boys urged me to do something, like sign up for a sports club, or something. I guess I'm just going to sign up for the Student Body Council. I use Heavenly Body Magic, meaning I can use the form of astronomical spells, like meteors.

I walked into the classroom to see Erza ruffling her little sister Kagura's hair. I think she goes to, Mermaid Heel High, or something? Anyway, she was visiting since it was after school.

"I need to go, Erza." Erza stopped and looked at her sneakily.

"Go where?" she said cautiously.

"Uh, S- Sabertooth High." she said nervously.

"Huh? Why Sabertooth?"

"Because I'm training with some students over there for a dare that we played one night." she said, turning red with shame of the memory of that night.

Erza chuckled. "Sabertooth may be our rivals, but you are my little sister. Take care of yourself!" she laughed.

"I can and will, Erza!" Kagura pouted. Imagine if anybody heard that. Kagura Mikazuchi, pouting with her cheeks puffed out ! Rich! I tried to hide behind the door, but she came right up to me, grabbed my collar, opened the door, threw me on the floor, and locked the door.

"Have fun you two!" she snickered. Have fun? What does that mean.

"Hello, Jellal. I assume you heard that?" Erza said, towering over me as I tried to get up.

"Y-yeah." I said. Instead of scolding me, she sighed.

"Just don't tell anyone, alright. What are you here for? Are you joining the student council?" she asked.

"Yeah. The guys urged me to join a club. They expected a sports club, but I signed up for soccer already, so I want to try the student council."

"Oh. Alright. I'm just curious. What type of magic do you use?"

"Um, that's asking a lot, but mostly, Heavenly Body Magic."

"Levy read about that."

"What does Levy not read about? Even her magic is words." I said, chuckling.

"True, true." We stayed there and talked for about an hour before I signed up.

"Hey, um, Erza, what's your last name?" I asked out of the blue.

She thought long and hard after that. "I forgot my real last name. But I made up Erza. Someone from my childhood made up my current last name, Scarlet. He said it was after my hair so he would never forget me or my last name and who I am. Why?" she asked. My head rang 10 Church Bells. It was her! Erza Scarlet!

"Um, do you remember the guy's name?" I asked, wary.

"No, but I got amnesia after that. All I remembered was him saying those words. I don't remember him, but I remember his voice and face. He actually looked nearly identical to you. The difference is that I don't remember a big red tattoo and his hair was a lighter shade of blue." she replied. Oh, man, she did have amnesia. My hair back then was actually neater, and my voice obviously got deeper. Great. Thanks puberty.

"Whenever I see you, it reminds me of him. I plan on finding him someday, running up to him, and giving him the biggest hug in the world. I remember that I had a crush on him, too. " She blushed at the thought. Even I turned a little red. We like each other when we were little? Actually, I still like her to this day.

"Do you, you know, still like him?" I asked, blushing. She turned completely red.

"Um, I haven't really, you know, thought about that...." she muttered. Her face rivaled her hair color. I kinda see why I named her Scarlet.

"Sorry for bringing that up..." I said sheepishly. "No, no, it's okay. You gave me a chance to think about him, so there's no need to apologize."

I then planned on telling her that that boy was me, so afterwards, I walked out of the door to find Kagura staring at me.

As if reading my mind, she said"She knows. You don't have to tell her. I know you two like each other, so go ahead and be dating already!" she scoffed.

"Don't you have a boyfriend or something?" I asked her. Then it was her turn to be completely scarlet.

"That- That's not of your business! I don't like Rogue anyways, so what are you talking about!"

"Did you say Rogue? As in Rogue of Sabertooth?" I asked, lifting an eyebrow. Not replying, she ran out the school, slamming the door behind her. I sighed. Mira better not know about this. I'm pretty sure Erik knows everything, though. Oh well. I guess I'll go home. I doesn't really matter anyways, so who am I to talk.

Well, now I know Erza likes me, and she probably doesn't know that I like her or that I have any clue what we were talking about. I sighed.

My life is a never ending maze.


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