"Pa, my baby isn't kicking!"| Lams/ Pheacker

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"Alexander, we need to go to the hospital right now. It's Philip and George. I think they were attacked!" I shrieked. Alexander threw his pen onto his desk and looked at me as he jumped from his desk. "What?! A... what happened to my son, John?!" He yelled. I felt tears swarm in my eyes, and I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Alexander pressed his lips to mine and took my hand. "Here, take my coat, John, it's snowing." He told me and put his coat over my shoulders and head. "A-Alexander, Philip what if was shot..." I choked out. Alexander's eyes widened as I spoke.

"P-Peaches, let's not-" "Alexander, I was supposed to die when I was shot in the war... and we had worse ammunition at the time..." I continued. Alexander grabbed my wrists. "John, please." He growled. I bit my lip and nodded, wrapping my arms around his neck as he sighed. I felt him hug my waist with one arm and tangle his fingers into my hair with the other.


"Peaches, it's okay... shh... we're going to see Philip and George right now..."

*Time skip*
"Where is my son?!" Alexander screamed as we ran into our doctor's waiting room. Dr. Hosack took my hand and grabbed Alexander's shoulder. "Mr. Hamilton, You got here just in time, Philip has been screaming for George for hours and George isn't in any condition to-" "Please, where are they?!" I wailed. Dr. Hosack led us to an operation room and left us there.

"M-Ma..?" I heard a small voice ask. I ran to the voice and saw Philip, bleeding from the stomach and mouth. "P-Philip... you're... you look like..." I sobbed. "M... Ma, I think I had a miscarriage... my baby isn't..." Philip choked. Alexander took Philip's hand and put his other arm around my shoulders. "Philip, don't say that, we don't know if-"

"Pa, My baby isn't kicking!"

Philip's tears kept rolling down his cheeks. I kissed his head and cried as well. "M-My baby is gone..." Philip whispered.


We all turned to see George, Philip's husband, and Dr. Hosack. "Philip, they can save our baby..." George whispered. He had bruises all over his face and a cut on his cheek, leading to his lip. Philip bit his lip and looked at George and our doctor with a hopeful expression.

"Save my baby..."

*time skip*
Dr. Hosack placed my baby in my arms. I was exhausted and I felt like I could die at any second, but I cradled my baby boy like any healthy mother would. "Philip would you like for me to get George?" Dr. Hosack asked. I slowly nodded and hugged my baby close.

"Philip..?" I heard someone ask. I looked up to see George, staring at me with curious eyes. "Philip, how are you feeling? How is the baby? Are you-?" He asked, but stopped when I offered to hold our child. He carefully cradled the small boy, who had been in my bleeding stomach. It was a miracle that he was recovering. "Philip..." George whispered, "He is beautiful..."

I gave George a small smile and rested my head back. "M-My parents had n-no idea I w-was pr-pregnant..." I stuttered, falling asleep. "Philip?! No, Philip, wake up!" Was the last thing I heard.

"Alexander, Philip was pregnant..." I whispered. Alexander just nodded and kissed my cheek sweetly. "Hamiltons, Philip fell asleep and the baby is safe... but we need the Eackers to stay here... Philip is suffering and the baby is in a lot of pain... I'm telling you this as a friend, but a doctor." Mr. Hosack told us as he left Philip's room. I held in a sob and nodded. "May we see him before we leave?" Alexander asked eagerly, taking my hand and rubbing his thumb across it.

"I'm afraid not... Philip and the baby must sleep, the priority is that they can get home safely and healthily." Dr. Hosack told us. I nodded and thanked him, Alexander did the same, but he stopped us. "Alexander, you have three children, right? And they were all from John, correct?" He asked, placing his hand on my stomach. Alexander nodded and pulled me closer. "Why, do you think it's something that's wrong with John?" He asked.

"I'm not sure, But Frances was almost a miscarriage, correct? We had to do the same with her, but she wasn't as far along... it made it much more difficult-" "Hosack, please, what do you want from John?" Alexander asked impatiently as I cried. Frances almost died in my arms as a baby. "I want to look at John... I want to see what might be the issue with his body-"

"You don't have my consent." Alexander muttered. "Alexander, I could fix what is happening with your family-" "Nothing is wrong with my husband or child, Hosack, it's just a coincidence." Alexander yelled. I looked down at my stomach, which held my daughter and sons. Frances almost wasn't my daughter, or my child at all. Evan was born a normal boy with a normal reproductive system and Philip could have kids, just like me. I placed a shaky hand on my stomach as I remembered the blood that spilled out of it and onto the carpet of my old home.

"What do I have to do..?" I asked. "John-" Alexander warned. "Alexander, Think of Frances. Think of your grandson in that room. This isn't just a coincidence!" I screamed. Alexander looked down at me and sighed.

"What does he have to do?" Alexander growled and took my waist.

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