"A-Alex, Help!"| Lams

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"A-Alex..?" I whispered, "Alex, this isn't funny..." Alex had taken me to a, supposedly, haunted house. He ran off into the house and I couldn't find him. "Alexander..?" I asked when I saw a shadow of a door. I walked around to the door and peeked in. The room was dimly lit by an old lamp, and I could see the outlines a chair, a desk and a bed, I thought I could see a coat rack.

The coat rack moved and pulled me into the room. The person who I thought was the rack pushed me to the wall and smashed our lips together as he palmed me through my shorts. I moaned, but quickly stopped myself and thrashed around. I bit the man's lip and pushed him away, running out of the room. The man cursed and started running after me.

I made it to a closet and locked myself in there. I searched for a light switch, but found a candle and a box of matches instead on a desk. I don't know why there was a desk in a closet. I grabbed a match and desperately tried to light it. After a few tries, I noticed that the match box and the tip of the matches had been soaked. I sighed and placed the box down and put the matches back.

I huddled into the corner by the desk, curling up and rocking myself back and forth. "When I find Alex, he's sleeping on the damn couch..." I muttered. That's when I felt something reach out to me and grab my hand. "A-Ack! M-My hand! It has my hand!" I screamed, "Alex, I was joking, please help me!" Whatever grabbed me pulled me to the middle of the room and pinned me on my back. It tied my hands above my heads and cackled.


I tried to focus on the thing... but I kept seeing Alex with bright red eyes. "Alex..?" I asked it. It didn't give me an answer, it just smiled darkly and kissed my neck. I bit my lip to hold back tears. "M-My Alex wouldn't do t-this..." I whispered. The think bit my neck and sucked, making me squeak. "That hurts! Let me go!"
I screamed. "Alex! Alexander, please stop!" I screamed.


I opened my eyes to see my boyfriend looking at me. I panted and shook my head. "What's wrong, Baby..?" Alex asked. I was in my bedroom, not a weird closet. I felt Alex put his hand on my thigh, patting it and kissing my neck softly. "It's nothing... I just had a bad dream..." I whispered. Alexander smiled and kissed my cheek. "It's okay, Freckles... does it have anything to do with Thomas? The man's a dragon..." Alexander whispered. I smiled and shook my head. "We were in a haunted house... and you took me inside and hid from me... then..." I yawned and blinked tiredly, "let's just go to bed..." Alex nodded and spooned me, palming me gently. I bit my lip and whimpered as he chuckled and kissed the back of my head.

"Goodnight, Princess~"


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