Chapter 2

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It had been months and Ed couldn't stop thinking about Oswald's wedding. The announcements and invites having had gone out several weeks earlier. Half of Gotham was to be in attendance and it was to be the event of the season. Though every event held by The Penguin is supposed to be the event of the season, despite him hosting several a month.

Ed realised he had never expected Oswald to actually fall in love with someone else. He accepted that they had taken different paths but had held onto the idea that they were each other's true other-half. That they were reflections of each other and what they had could not be replicated. Their relationship had defined each of them and made them the men they were to today. There was no Riddler without the Penguin and no Penguin without the Riddler. Their rivalry driving both of them to the heights they have reached. Oswald's crown jewel, the Iceberg Lounge, being created from the ashes of their friendship and his Riddler persona emerging as result of Oswald's supposed death at his hands.

Ed decided he could not let this continue. Oswald could not be serious. This boy was not him. He could never replace or compete with what they had. Ed was determined to claim Oswald back and stop him making his greatest mistake. They loved each other and it's about time they stopped letting their pride get in the way of them being happy.

It was as Ed was being shown into the Iceberg Lounge when doubts began to slip through "What if I have this all wrong? What if he doesn't still love me? Maybe Oswald will choose this boy over me. I'm old, bitter and broken. I've been in Arkham more times than most. I annoy most people who come into contact with me. I also hurt him terribly. How could he forgive that?". Ed felt himself spiralling, and could feel his other self at the edge of his conscious just waiting to emerge and join his self-deprecation, but Ed had grown skilled at shaking these episodes and pushed his Riddler persona to the forefront. His mask of manic energy and confidence slipping on with ease. The Riddler did not have self-doubt. The Riddler did not lose to insignificant boys who were just a replacement for him. Ed strode into Oswald's office ready to take what he knew they both wanted.

Oswald was sitting behind a large mahogany desk dressed in his signature suit, minus the top hat and monocle, with a glass of wine on his right, flicking through paperwork. Ed smiled fondly at the sight. Oswald, ever the dedicated businessman. Oswald raised his head at Ed's entrance "How can I help you my friend" his ever present pleasant smile in place. Ed smirked, then strode over to Oswald, leaned in and kissed him.

Ed worried he had miscalculated when Oswald went stiff and didn't respond. Ed started to pull back, fearing he had made a fool of himself, when Oswald suddenly grabbed his tie and pulled him back down. Oswald's tongue battle his for dominance while his hands roamed over Ed's body. Ed couldn't help but smile into the kiss. His plan had worked perfectly. Oswald clearly recognised how they were made for each other. The boy was no competition to the real thing.

Ed climbed onto Oswald's lap, his legs straddling Oswald's, trying to get his body as close to Oswald as he could. They stayed like this, lips devouring each others and hips grinding as their moans and gasps filled the room until a knock was heard at Oswald's office door.

Oswald froze in Ed's arms and then he violently shoved him from his lap. The reality of the situation having finally hitting The Penguin. Ed crashed onto the floor "get up!" Oswald hissed and glared down at Ed "Fix your clothes and go sit over there" Oswald was waving his hand at the chair in front of his desk. Ed's eyes narrowed in anger and suspicion "What is Oswald playing at?" but he did as instructed. Once he had settled Oswald called for whoever was at the door to enter "Come in". Oswald looked calm and collected, as if he hadn't just been moaning like a whore and getting ready to fuck someone on his office desk. This annoyed Ed far more than he could say.

A few moments pass and in walked one of Oswald's nameless henchmen "Sorry to interrupt Boss"The man's eyes widened in shock when he noticed Ed "It's just... the rings are ready. You asked to be told when they arrived" The man was fidgeting and struggling to maintain eye contact with Oswald, as his eyes kept flicking to Ed. "I guess the room isn't soundproof" Ed chuckled to himself and Oswald sent him a glare. The poor man has walked in on his boss cheating on his fiance and doesn't know how to deal with the knowledge. "Thank you Mickey. Please have them delivered to the house. I'm sure Jay would appreciate seeing them" Mickey nodded and scurried from the room.

As soon as the door shut Oswald snarled at Ed "What the hell was that?" Oswald looked furious, his hands clenched and face contorted in a snarl. Ed raised an eyebrow at Oswald "I thought that was obvious, or is that pathetic look alike you're carting around not treating you right Ozzie" Ed was smirking, confidence coming off him in waves after Oswald's response to him earlier. Ed was certain he had Oswald where he wanted him, and he knew Oswald found his impertinence attractive, he had mentioned in the past when they were on friendly terms.

Oswald face reddened in rage "You will not speak about him in like that" Ed rolled his eyes "Oh, be serious Oswald. He's just not me. Now that you have had the real thing you know he can't measure up" Ed gave Oswald a cheeky smirk and rose from the chair and prowled over to Oswald. Ed leaned into Oswald, arms braced on the arms of Oswald's chair "So, just give the boy a call and tell him his services are no longer needed." Ed began to slide his hand down Oswald's chest "Or we could head home right now and finish what we were just doing. I'm sure he's not so dumb he wouldn't pick up he's not wanted" Ed was chuckling at his own wit, as his nimble fingers began unbuckling Oswald's belt.

Oswald was so entranced by Ed's sultry tone and wandering hands he was having difficulty following Ed conversation however stiffened at Ed's comment about Jay's intelligence "I told you not to talk about him that way" Oswald quickly slapped away Ed's wandering hands and tried to regain his composure "he's my fiance and you will treat him with respect, or you will face the consequences"

Ed's eyes narrowed in anger as he stepped out of Oswald's personal space. Ed stood looming over Oswald arms crossed and glared down at him "Must you still persist with that nonsense. I'm here now. Why are you pretending he matters" Oswald glared back from his position "And why are you here Riddler? Decided it might be entertaining to disrupt my life. Thank you, but no thank you. I'm in no mood to play your games" Oswald's tone was dismissive, and Ed had never responded well to that tone.

Ed plan began to derail as he couldn't stop his characteristic reaction to Oswald's tone "I am here to give you a chance to correct this mistake you seem intent on making. I mean really Oswald, it's quite pathetic." Ed sneered down at Oswald "Everyone knows he's a replacement for me, a poor one at that, and that this wedding is a farce. Now you know that I'm not going to reject you, you can stop pretending that you want that second rate copy and we can just go home." Ed sneer turned to a fond smile "I have missed the mansion."

Oswald was livid. He stood abruptly and shoved Ed, hard. Ed gasped and stumbled. Oswald stalk towards him "You think fear of rejection is the reason I am not with you. I am not with you Edward Nygma because you shot me and left me for dead. You tried to destroy my empire, and nearly succeeded. You desecrated my father corpse and used his memory to break me. You persisted in your need for vengeance when I gave you every opportunity to mend that bridge. I am not with you because I cannot and do not trust you, nor will I ever." Ed had continued to back away from an advancing and enraged Oswald and was now backed against a wall "I persist in this so called nonsense because I love Jay. I love Jay because he is everything you are not" Oswald anger seemed to vanish and was replaced with exhaustion "Now, just get out" Oswald turned and limped back to his chair, having forgotten his cane in his emotional outburst.

Ed feeling crushed headed for the door. Ed stopped at the door, facing away from Oswald "Is that what you tell yourself when you alone, and drowning in the bottom of your drink? That you love him and you're so completely better off without me." Ed looked at Oswald, pain etched in his every feature "What you have with him may be good. It may even be everything you ever imagined you wanted, but it's nothing compared to what we had. I know I should have spoken sooner rather than waited until now but..." Ed smiled wistfully, the expression full of regret and pain "I love you Oswald." Ed stood straight and stared down Oswald "Tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you don't love me. Tell there isn't anything missing, that he's enough" Oswald sneered "He's not you, which is the most attractive thing about him. I will ask you nicely one last time Riddler. Leave" Ed slammed the door and stormed out of the Iceberg Lounge.

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