Chapter 10

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Y/N's POV:

"What the fuck y/n" Zayn said scolding me

"I don't know what the fook" I said annoyed

"Okay so I thought you said Camila was only going to be friends with you" he said confused

"Yea that's what I thought too" I said

"Well she did also tell you she'd fight for you. What if she's like trying a little both" he said

"She probably is but it's not cool" I said

"All is fair in love and war" he said and I rolled my eyes at him

"Okay well you have been hanging out with her a lot lately. Don't give her the advantage. You too you idiot. You're probably making her think that she has you in the palm of her hand" Zayn said scolding me

"But I feel bad. I don't want to be mean" I responded

"It doesn't matter. You have a relationship with another girl y/n. You moved in with her, you're planning on marrying her and having a future with her" he said "you need to let this old fling go y/n" he said

"W-what if I can't" I mumbled sadly

"You're gonna have to. Don't forget all those drunk nights where you were crying about how heartbroken Camila made you. You were depressed for a while and then Sofia came along and she made you the most happiest person alive. She made you smile again" he said

"She's been through so much of your shit y/n. When you were on the verge of dropping out of school she's the one that gave you motivation to continue, all of your failed movie jobs, let's not forget she was the one there to hold your hand and wipe your tears when your grandfather died" Zayn kept going

"Okay okay you're right" I said

"So what if Camila was your first love and childhood best friend, but guess what that's your past, she's your past. Sofia is your present and future" Zayn said "you need to shut that shit down. I will be very disappointed in you if you let this continue" Zayn said seriously

"Alright. You're right" I said coming to my senses "no more of this shit" I said "also I'm going to need to come clean to sofia" I said and Zayn gave me a glare

"Wait. Just cut that tie with Camila first and wait for what happens. Maybe you won't need to say anything about it to Sofia" he said

"But it's going to be in my head forever" I said "it's gonna guilt trip Me"

"Just wait it out and see" he said

"Okay I guess" I said and he looked at me sadly

"Sorry if I went off on you. You just need some tough love" he said while sitting next to me and putting his arm around me

"No it's fine I needed to hear it thank you" I said

"Alright well I gotta go to work" I said

"Oh wait" Zayn said "here give these to dove for me?" He said handing me a bouquet of roses

"How romantic Aww" I said and he blushed

"Yea I just want to make her smile" he said and I laughed at how cute that was

"I got you boss" I said "I'll see you later" I said before I left his recording studio

I came to see him since I just came out of class. It was bothering me what Camila had done and what she sent me. So I needed to talk to someone

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