Asher's POV

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     "I'm sick of this! I'm 19, why do I have to follow all these stupid rules?" I shouted at my parents from the 4th step.
     I'm so sick of this. I'm a grown man, all these dumb curfews and chores and rules...
     "Because you're still in school and still under our roof!" My dad's voice bellowed out. It rang it my ears. All three of us were fuming. "And if you don't like it, you can just leave!"
     I stomped up the stairs. I don't have to take this. I furiously whipped open my laptop and went on Facebook.
     What's on your mind?
     I clicked on the status bar and typed blindly.
     "Need a place to stay. Lms if you can help me out" I clicked upload and sat there for a few minutes, then clicked off to a game.
     About 5 minutes passed by before the Facebook tab dinged. I paused The Stanley Parable and clicked over
     Caroline Abbot liked your status
     Who the hell is Caroline Abbot?

     I clicked on her profile and started scrolling. She's 17, in my grade and not bad looking. I guess I'll message her. Anything to get out of this hell hole.

     "Hey, you liked my status. Got a place for me to stay?"

     And now we wait...

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