Chapter 2: The Match Men

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     They only call them for missions against the extraterrestrials. A downed escape pod has crashed somewhere between the Yosemite National Park and the Inyo National forest in the middle of the night. For some reason, the ETs want this small pod really bad. They have placed multiple EMP fields around the area and are in pursuit. Drones can not be used on either side because of the strength of these shields. The aliens our on foot as well...searching.

     The forest is ominously looking with little visibility in the darkness. There is also an incredible negativity that drains the batteries on all forms of communication including flashlights. The Matchmen are called in for these such emergencies. They currently have only three members, but they used to have seven before the last mission. Escorting them into the dark abyss of the forest are three special forces members of ODA 559 Team. All of the group are using special auto focus night vision contact lens in order to navigate the area.

     The Matchmen are made up of two remote viewers: Remote Viewer 123 (Robert Pryce) and Remote Viewer 127 (Ann Swan) who are the best in the CIA's Cyclops Program. This program has been designated for the Pscyh-Ops division. Both viewers have pinpointed the pod's location roughly 100 yards from their current position. The third member of the program's group is an extraterrestrial himself. He is a lanky figure of a humanoid who is six-foot-seven in height, with long white hair, albino skin, and deep, blue eyes. Currently, he wants to find his home world and return to his people.

     ¨I can't believe there is not a damn sound anywhere, except for us.¨ Ann says he she pulls her red hair away from her face. ¨This really has to happen all the time doesn't it?¨

     ¨What do you see, Robert?¨ The alien of the unit asks in his gentle and collective voice.

     ¨We're very close, Jonah.¨ He answers as he holds his temple with three fingers.

     ¨Two are waiting for us and two are in pursuit of the pod.¨ Ann says as she looks in the darkness ahead. ¨Get down!¨

       A long, red beam stretches out from the distance and slices down a few small trees behind them. Then the soldiers begin to grab their heads in pain. One of them flings a grenade in the direction of the laser and their anguish momentarily ceases. ODA 559 Team opens fire with quick bursts and move in without hesitation. Jonah and the Pscyh unit fall behind. They could hear gunfire with their flashes, a grenade exploding, a strange, magnetic pulsing sound, and then nothing.

     They find the three special forces unit on the ground struggling to move as if they've been short-circuited. A small, dark grey creature emerges from the forest's darkness and raises a clawed, three fingered right hand. With inhuman speed, Jonah, grabs the alien's thin right arm and the circle in its palm fires another magnetic pulsing sound into the night air. Before the thing could react, Jonah, punches a hole through its chest. It makes no sound as the extraterrestrial's four foot, adolescent appearing body falls to the ground.

     Ann slips a slim, gold headband over one of the soldiers heads, touches it, and whispers into his ear, ¨Reboot.¨

     After saying this several times, the ODA 559 Team member pulls out of it and begins to move. While lying low, Jonah, examines what is left of the alien life form. There are specific markings on the creature like a rank, his eyes allow him see the nanobots flowing through its black blood, and there is a circular weapon grafted to the inside of its hand. Another red laser flows over them taking out more small trees. Jonah reaches for his belt and tosses another grenade towards the source and there is momentary silence again.

     ¨Ann, after you revive these men, have them take out those shields.¨ Jonah orders. ¨Robert, come with me.¨

     Robert stands up and is shot by another pulse from the forest's abyss. Violent shaking, as if electrocuted, he falls to the ground hitting his head on a rock, and going into unconsciousness. Jonah shakes his head in disbelief, removes a new military issued Glock Viper out of his inside coat pocket, and cautiously heads into the foreboding shadows.

     He travels for thirty feet and stops when he hears footsteps on twigs. Jonah's hearing is beyond a human's along with his strength and speed so the movement is easily detected. Quickly, he reaches into his coat pocket, removes three ¨flasher¨ fireworks, launches them towards the sound, and blinks rapidly to manually adjust his night vision. Another pulse sound cracks into the silent forest and two trees are taken out in front him. His small display of pyrotechnics pays off as the alien is slightly blinded and fires wildly into the air. Jonah's aim blasts off the small creature's armed hand and then its large head.

     In the distance he can see the slight glint of the pod as the fireworks' blinding light begins to die. Racing to the object, Jonah can see the other two extraterrestrial attempting to remove the hatch with a small tube emitting a blue laser. They seem unaware or unconcerned with his hasty approach. The two of them begin to pull on the door and it occurs to Jonah that they are uninterested in his advance because they are on a kill mission not a capture.

     The hatch flings open and one of the aliens begins to point a chrome, bulky gun inside. Jonah fires and his aim rewards him with the removal of the little monster's head and its misfire hits the other in the side. It flails backwards into a nearby shrub. When he arrives at the dented and heavily damaged pod he glances inside and then searches the bush. A buzzing sound fills his head and he drops his weapon and falls to a knee. The alien steps out from behind the pod with his beady eyes glowing yellow.

     Jonah cannot move his body and his brain feels as though it is on fire. He remembers what the remote viewers had taught him to do, but he wonders if that would be enough. Thinking of something pleasant, as had been shown, he repeated the word ¨recover¨ in his mind. The tiny alien's small, red eyes became brighter which were surround by large, dark, oval shaped markings. Its narrow mouth began to smile revealing sharp, jagged, black teeth encircled by leathery, deep purple lips. A gun shot pierced the night and black blood streamed from the top of the alien's large head. Then rapid fire shredded the little beast's limbs, body, and face into the night.

     ¨USA motherfucker!¨ One of the ODA 559 Team members yelled as he approached the shuttle.

     Immediately recovering, Jonah put his head into the pod, removed a tablet, and checked for vitals. He then asked the special forces member, ¨Have the shields been disabled?¨

     ¨Disabled and we are go for transmission.¨ He had answered as he surveyed the area for more of them.

     ¨Good job.¨ Jonah unlocked a miniature Faraday cage, removs his phone, and says, ¨Operations, we have code name Janus. I repeat, we have code name Janus.¨

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