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Hehe, I tried...
P.S. Credits to owners of these comebacks, only the last one is mine.
Your POV:

"WTF Y/N?!"

I burst out in laughter after seeing B/F/N's reaction to the fact that I sent a video of her dancing and singing to C/B/F/N, her crush.


I wiped the tears that were forming from the drastic amount of laughter coming out of my mouth, "Okay, okay, sorry. Love you."

She huffed and turned away, "I'm gonna get you back for that."

I just smiled innocently, dragging her into the school campus. A lot of students were bustling around considering the fact that it was the first day of school. I guess starting school won't be so bad. I get to see C/N again...

Oh who am I kidding, the only way C/N would possibly spare a glance for me was if I stopped acting like a shy butt all the time.

Well, whatever, who needs guys when you've got food?

I was walking down the hallways to my homeroom class with B/F/N, which we both had together thankfully, when we ran into the school's pain in the ass student. And now I remember why I hate school so much.

"Hey slut," she said as her minions laughed.

"What's up R/N," I smiled at her. Pretend to like her Y/N.

"R/N," from the tone B/F/N used, I could tell she wasn't so excited about seeing R/N either.

"Your face is so ugly, I could barf just by taking a glance at it," R/N smirked, earning a few "ooh"s and "burn"s from behind her. Of course only from her followers.

Way to use an old and stupid insult R/N. B/F/N looked like she was ready to pounce any moment now.

Well, might as well fight back cause' I'm not getting any satisfaction from the nice way, "At least I've got one."

"Did you just talk back to me? Ugh, you're so stupid."

"Is that right? And what exactly have you accomplished in your life that makes you Einstein?"

A crowd started forming around us, students taking out their phones to film. Well, you could expect this from teenagers.

"Fine, you want to play with insults we'll play," R/N smirked,

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
God made me beautiful
What happened to you?"

I rolled my eyes, again with the freaking common ones. Well,

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
God made you pretty?
Bitch, not a single word is true."

You could hear kids yelling but I decided to ignore them. Oh dear God, please don't let my mother see this. She'll dunk me in holy water for a whole year.

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
I have 5 fingers,
And the middle one's for you."

"Roses are red
Violets are blue
Even my math teacher
talks less than you.
So shut the hell up
Before I really roast you."
(This one is mine)

The students went wild. R/N huffed and walked away going on about how she didn't want to be late to class.

As the students finally started filing down the hallways, some congratulated me as if I beat a villain.

"Nice job Y/N. You looked so cute roasting R/N up there, with your determined look and all," C/N said ruffling my hair.

How does that even make sense? You can look cute while insulting someone?

I just rolled my eyes and looked away, "S-shut up."

"Make me," C/N smirked.

I sighed, poor C/N and his sad excuse of a comeback, "Tch, I don't make trash, I burn it."

"Eh?! So mean! I guess I'll have to shut you up then."


C/N slammed his lips on mine, smirking into the kiss.


He smiled as he pulled me along to our homeroom.

"For such a roast queen you sure are shy," he muttered.

Please don't get offended by this. If you didn't read the top A/N, I only own the last "roses are red violets are blue," roast. The rest are not mine.

Thank you for reading this.
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