Chapter 3 : Roomates

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*Hello ladies and gents and welcome to the third chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I hope you all are enjoying the series as much as I enjoy writing it and without further ado let's get into this, shall we?"

All the nations slowly exited down the room as they went down the hall that was obviously their rooms as it was labeled in big bold words, 'ROOMS'.

Down the hall there was a total of 14 rooms. Each side of the door had a metal flag of each country hammered to the wall. As the countries started to file into the hallway you could hear the shouts of agony when some of the nations found out who their roommates were.

"There is no way I'm sharing with a frog!", "ohonhonhon, why do you frown?", "You get to be with the creator of all!~", "like we're going to have the best time!", "We are roommates, China."

As for the rest of the countries the just looked at each other and shrugged, excluding Switzerland and Austria who kept looking anywhere but the other and quietly entered there shared room.

In the first room was both Japan and Hong Kong who just looked at each other and new they would be fine with the others company.

The room next to the two Asian countries was Hungary and Liechtenstein's room, room number 2. The girls had no problem with this arrangement seeing as they were both girls and they were already eagerly chatting on what they would do tonight.

The third room was inhabited by none other than Switzerland and Austria. An awkward silence filled the room as the two wordlessly unpacked their belongings. 'This is going to be a long time.' They both thought glumly.

The room next to the two awkward counties was room number four. Which had the two Italian twins in it.  None of them were really surprised by the arrangement and Italy just eagerly chatted away while Romano listened silently.

The fifth room was housing Prussia and Lithuania. Although the Lithuanian would never admit it he was really surprised to be bunking with the Prussian. What surprised him even more was when the man actually started a conversation with him. 'Maybe this won't be that bad' the brunette thought.

Next two the unlikely pair was America and Canada in room number six. "It'll be just like old times won't it Canada?" Alfred questioned his brother. "That would be nice." The quiet nation stated as they pulled their luggage in and started to unpack.

The seventh room was one of the doors at the end of the hall and had protests from an angry Brit and a certain Frenchman trying to calm him down emitting from it. "England you need to calm down." The Frenchman beckoned the Englishman that seemed to emit steam. "Don't come near me you frog!" The nations angry shouts echoed through the hall.

The nations that occupied the room across from the two loud countries in room number eight were Poland and South Korea. The two just sat on their respective beds and made idle chat while they unpacked.

In the ninth room Russia unpacked his items while humming a small happy tune. Unbothered, China unpacked as well.

Next to room number nine was room number ten. The two nations that inhabited the room were Turkey and Germany as they both had no reason before to interact there was a very thick silence across the room, not a comfortable silence though, no, it was a really heavy awkward silence. None of them knowing what to say.

Room number eleven was Iceland and Greece's room. As soon as the sleepy nation entered the room he made his way to the nearest bed and collapsed onto it before joining the land of the unconscious. Iceland took this as a sign that the other bed was his and unpacked before thinking about how his puffin was doing right now.

The room next to the sleepy and young nation was inhabited by both Spain and Netherlands, room number twelve. Spain obviously not sending the awkward atmosphere happily chatted away as they continued to unpack.

The thirteenth room belonged to both the Norwegian and Romanian nations. "Hey Norway! Guess we're buddies!" Romania said before running into their shared room enthusiastically.

The room next to their's was being roomed by both the Danish and Swedish nations. Both of which thought that it was a mistake to put them together. Since their history wasn't all that great it made conversation impossible. So to say the least, neither spoke.

The last room was left for the only other nation left, Finland, but he was still standing outside the door in shock. He looked like he might pass out. "Oh no it can't be." He murmured before running off leaving his luggage at the front of his door. On one side of the door was his flag but on the other side was a certain micro nation's flag.

"Sealand! Sealand where are you! Come on out baby!" The nation said running down the hall shouting out the micro nation's name. From this action people started to see that Finland wasn't there and his luggage was at the door. "Like where'd he go?" Poland asked.

Meanwhile Finland had started to check the meeting room know that could be the only place he would hide. "Oh Sealand where are you." He muttered before closing the last closet door. "I've checked everywhere! Where could he be." The mother like nation started to panic. All of a sudden a light whimper was heard from under the table.

"Sealand?..." the nation said slowly walking toward the table. Finland slowly lifted the cloth and there lay the missing micro nation, sleeping. "Oh thank the ancients!" He said slowly hauling up the sleeping nation in his arms. "You had me so worried!" He said before kissing the boy's head. "Let's go back to the room." He said before walking off.

When the Finland returned to the hallway he saw that all the nations were looking outside their doors. "Hey Finland why'd you-... leave..." the American nation questioned but cut off his own question when he saw the sleeping micro nation. Rushing out of the room to the smaller nation he slowly examined Sealand, gently taking him from Finland's tired arms. Sighing in relief when he was sure he was okay he asked, "what is he doing here?" Tilting his head in confusion.

"I don't know he was at my house when I left..." he explained trailing off. "I thought I raised the brat better than that!" An angry voice shouted causing the sleeping nation to shift closer into America's hold and whimper slightly. "England calm down or you'll wake him up!" America and Finland hissed angrily at the same time. Everyone was shocked, they had all expected Finland to do it, but not America.

"America can you bring him in hear so he could lay down." He asked picking up his suitcase and walking through the door. America soon followed along with a certain Swedish man. "Well that was... unexpected..." the French nation said breaking the silence. "Oh shut it frog!" England said before everyone went back to their unpacking.

Le list:
1) Japan-Hong Kong
2) Hungary-Liechtenstein
3) Switzerland-Austria
4) Italy-Romano
5) Prussia-Lithuania
6) America-Canada
7) France-England
8) Poland-South Korea
9) Russia-China
10) Turkey-Germany
11) Iceland-Greece
12) Spain-Netherlands
13) Norway-Romania
14) Denmark-Sweden
15) Finland-Sealand

::::::::::::::::::Line Break::::::::::::::::::::::

From their position in the sky the ancients watched over their children and grand children. "It won't be long now." Britannia spoke up. Breaking the silence that fell over the old countries as they watched the nations. "It's going to be a lot for them." Ancient Greece added to the statement. They all nodded their heads in solemn agreement before turning back to watch them. "It's only a matter of time..."

*And that ladies and gents was the third chapter of The Secrets of a Nation. I'm sorry to tell you this but school work had started to catch up with me and I don't have very much free time so I'll update when I can. Thank you for reading and I will see you all next time, Bye!*

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