Chapter 19

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•Amelia's POV•
It's been two months. Two months since I've had contact with Damon. The first couple weeks were fine. We would FaceTime and text but overtime, he would ignore my calls, read my texts but not respond.

My new boss just happens to be Freddy. He's always getting me to do weird things for his perverted pleasure and it makes me want to stab his eyes out with my heels. I've been getting closer with Andrea and we hang out basically everyday after work along with Kyle. The three of us have gotten super close but Kyle is oblivious to Andrea's and I involvement with crime.

I was resting my head down on my table groaning at the paper piled up. Freddy is so lazy that I have to sign contracts and attend his meetings! My shift was already over but I was too tired to even move. A heavy paper fell upon my head and shot up. I saw Kyle and Andrea standing, looking worried.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"Amelia, I think you should read the cover.." Andrea was twiddling with her thumbs while Kyle remained silent.

"Billionaire playboy got caught with ex lover at hotel!"

It showed a picture of Damon dressed in his regular suit, holding Stephanie's hand, walking in together to some hotel.

My heart was in pieces but since the lack of communication from Damon, I guess we sort of mutually broke off.

"Oh.." I pursed my lips together and looked back up to Andrea and Kyle. I gave them my most sincere smile.

"I'm going to head home now." I packed up my stuff and left quickly, not waiting for anyone else. Just as I was about to leave, Freddy walked into the main lobby. Wasn't he in his office? His messy brown hair fell over his forehead and he had a track suit on. Seriously? A track suit? He saw me and vigorously waved at me. I let out a groan and started walking towards him.

"What." I said rudely.

"Geez, just wanted to say hello." I rolled my eyes at Freddy.

"What, sir." I gave him a sarcastic smile. He lifted up the same newspaper article in my face. I clenched my fists, resisting the urge to slap the pretty little smirk off his face.

"Now that you're single, wanna go out on a date?" He gave me a wink and I kicked him in the shin. Yes he was my boss but I've done way more stuff than kicking in the past couple months. I "accidentally" put laxatives in his lunch and replaced his coffee with mud water, yet he hasn't fired me yet.

"I'm going home." I pushed myself past him, elbowing him in the process. My mind went back to Damon. Small tears were forming up in my eyes but I wiped them before walking out. It was much better colder now, mid October, my favourite season. I pulled my jacket closer to me while walking to get my regular tea before going home.

I walked into the coffee shop and the scent of coffee and cookies hit my face. It was always empty except for the few regulars. The owner, Margaret, greeted me with a familiar smile. She already had my drink prepared and ready to go.

"You're the best Marg." I paid her before walking out the store. I drank my green tea all along the bus ride, looking out the window at people rushing through sidewalks.

I arrived to my apartment and it was pitch black. The lightly dimmed street lights illuminating the road. A familiar car was parked in front of my doorway with a man leaning against it. I couldn't see him but it was all too familiar. My blood began to boil but I continued to walk as if I didn't see him.

"Amelia." I stopped for a second before walking up my steps again. He called out my name once again, this time louder and closer. A hand was place on my shoulder and spun me around, losing my balance a little bit. I looked into his eyes and butterflies began to form.

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