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You where running late to class. All you could think was 'detention, detention, hurry up so you don't get detention'. Being to caught up in your own worries you didn't see the person in front of you and crashed right into him causing you to fall on the ground. 

"I'm so sorry!" You heard the distressed voice call out as they quickly pulled you up off the floor. "No, no I'm sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going!" You said quickly but sincerely as you quickly shook their hand and bowed showing respect to them before running off again, leaving the person in shock form your sudden behavior. 

-Time skip to after class-

You walked down the hall to your locker after your class had ended but before you got there someone ran into you, and yet again you fund yourself on the floor. 'This happened this morning' you thought to yourself.

"I'm so sorry!" You heard in a familiar voice, similar to the one from that morning, then you felt the same hand pull you up from the floor with the same strong grip. "Oh it's ok," you laughed "we gotta stop meeting up like this" you finished, your laughter t=dying down to a giggle. He smiled at you as he watched you giggling. "Yeah we do, my name is Kim Hanbin by the way." He said stretching out his hand again for you to shake this time. "I'm (Y/n)." You said happily, taking his hand in your small one. He smiled again as your hands made contact. "I hope I didn't hurt just now, or this morning." He said with a nervous chuckle as his hand fell back to his side. "No you didn't, I'm tough" you said giggling again, making him smile more. "Well it was nice meeting you (Y/n)! But I have to go now, I hope we can meet up again soon!" He said smiling happily at you, taking your hand one last time and slipping a piece of paper in it. "Yeah you too!" You said happily as he turned to walk away. You unfolded the paper to reveal a phone number. 

You smiled to yourself as you quickly took out your phone and put his number in your contacts. 

You: Hi :)

Cutie: Hi! :) 

I know it's short, it's just a cute little thing that came in mind, I hope you guys liked it! ☺️

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