Chapter 1: Arrival

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~Chapter 1: Arrival ~

>Your PoV<

It is still hard to believe that I was accepted into one of the most prestigious art schools in South Korea, perhaps my dream of becoming a singer may actually have a chance of becoming a reality.

I sat on the busy holding my second suitcase with my backpack between my legs. The old lady sitting next to me kept stealing dirty looks at me, but since they only offered me one suitcase in the bus with the rest to be carry on, I had to deal with the uncomfortable situation. Of course I could pay more to leave my suitcase with my other one, but I didn't have much money left- the bus from where I lived to Gangnam was a 6 hour bus ride and used up most of my money, but it was cheaper than a plane. I need to keep some money so I can buy myself some food, meaning I have to find a job fast.

We took our last break for the entire ride, we only had thirty minutes to finally get to Gangnam, and I could feel myself get more and more antsy by the second- or perhaps the suitcase had made my legs fall asleep.

I feel asleep for the rest of the ride, and when I woke up, the old lady was gone along with the other passengers, and the bus driver was in front of me, "Get off kid."

He walked away, and I quickly grabbed my stuff, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and grabbing my suitcase.

When I got outside, my suitcase was, by miracle still there, since it had been left unattended.

I started walking around, hoping I would find something that looked like it belonged to my new university, but nothing seemed to stand out- well, it was Gangnam, everything stood out, but nothing told me where SM Uni was.

I started looking for people who seemed close enough to my age, so they wouldn't be too upset if I asked them for directions- just in case another angry lady was on the loose.

I saw some girls who looked no older than 25, approaching them immediately, "Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me where SM University of Entrainment is?"

"Whoa- you're going to that school?!"

"No way!"

"It's two blocks north then another to your left."

I smiled, thanking the girl who actually responded, "Thank you."

"No problem," she smiled cutely, "If you get lost call me, this is my phone number," she said, getting a quick note and scribbling her number and name, "I'm from JYP Uni and they are visiting from YG Uni, so we know these parts pretty well, anything you need, we're here."

I smiled, taking it graciously, "Thank you very much, I'll call you if I need directions."

We said our farewells, and while I walked away, I heard one of the girls yell, "Goodbye handsome!"

I turned back, watching as the girl with the red hair giggled and the other two scolded her, making me smile and wave, before walking again.

I followed her directions, and I was luckily able to find it without too much searching.

I went up to the gatekeeper, "Hello sir, could you let me in?"

"Don't you have a pass?"

I shook my head, "I am new, sir, here is my acceptance letter."

He took it, inspecting it, before returning it to me, "The office is straight up, they should give you your pass, if you go out, just use the gate over there, if you get a car they will provide you with a clicker for the gate."

I smiled, thanking him before bowing and leaving, going through the now open gate and heading toward the office.

As I walked in, my eyes met with a good looking guy, who immediately smiled handsomely, "Welcome! You must be new right? I haven't seen you around at all," he said, making the person he was talking to turn to see me, "I'm Lee Jinki, a third year, but I like to help around the office from time to time," he smiled, before his mood slumped, "This guy is a prime example of one of the things you shouldn't do- break into one of our practice rooms!"

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