Part 107*

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The Preeti Bodj was soon done and the Tiwari's had returned back to their homes. Sumo was exhausted after a long, hectic day. And Shravan knew that she still needed rest.

All of the ladies in the house had retreated back to their room, along with the males. However, Sumo was still in the kitchen finishing off some last minute tasks.

Shravan was browsing around the house, looking for his Jaan. And when he didn't find her anywhere, he knew that she would be in her very own paradise: the kitchen.

Shravan rushed over there, irritated that she was doing work instead of resting as she was told. When he entered the kitchen, her back was facing him and she had her hands covered in dough. Shravan crept up behind her, yanking her hands so she came crashing onto his chest.

Sumo: (screaming) Shravan!!!

Sumo's warning failed and the next thing you know, Shravan entire shirt was covered in a yellow dough that ran down his chest.

Shravan: (putting his hands up) Eewww!! What the hell is this Sumo?!

Sumo: (angry) Shut up you idiot!! You ruined everything!!

Shravan: I ruined everything?! You're the one who ruined my shirt!! And what on Earth are you doing here in the first place!? What part of resting, do you not understand?! (angrily)

Sumo: (glaring) Just shut up Shravan! Just shut up!! And for your information I was making Bajiya's for tomorrow's breakfast! I was getting the dough prepared so I could treat everyone in the morning!! And thanks to you, all of my work is ruined!!

Shravan: Sorry. (scratching his head)

Sumo: (glaring) Sorry, my foot!! You ruined all of my hard work and you think a sorry is going to fix it! Great! Now I have to start all over again!

Shravan: But I'll help you!

Sumo: No thanks! Lawyers only look good in court! Not in the kitchen!

Shravan: (grinning) Please Sumo! I'm kinda perfect! I look good anywhere!

Sumo: (crossing her arms in front of her chest) Anywhere? You mean even in jail??

Shravan: (pecking her lips) I'm ready to go to jail too! If only someone locks me in a cell with you, I can have you all to myself! (winking)

Sumo: You're stupid!

Shravan: (smirking) And you're sexy!

Sumo: Shut up!

Shravan: (coming closer to her) Kiss me!

Sumo: (backing away) In your dreams!

Shravan: (smirking) Well the only way to shut me up is to kiss me, the choice is your's.

Sumo: (smirking) Or I can just kill you!

Shravan: (raising his eyebrows) Threatening a lawyer??

Sumo: (smirking) What can I do? I'm a wife after all!

Shravan: (laughing) Can I trade you and get my best friend back please??

Sumo: Not a problem at all! I would love to be your best friend again. But let me remind you, best friend's can't give out any kisses. So the choice is yours. What do you what? A kissable wife or intelligent best friend??

Shravan: Intelligent and you? (bursting out into laughter)

Sumo: (jaw dropping) WHAT DO YOU MEAN?! That I'm not intelligent?!

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