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Some people don't see what the big deal with depression is,they would say "get over it and be happy for once",and they just want to reply what's there to be happy for?,I've had depression and anxiety and I still do,and I think I'm always gonna have it,I'm stuck with it,and I've learnt to accept that.

But many children don't even adults,teens don't,some people are pushed to the point after trying so hard to tell someone what's wrong with them to get it pushed back in there face that they fake a smile, they fake a laugh,they fake the happiness to the point where they brake down and come to the conclusion that they don't belong in this world
This world that parents had to hide the real danger from there kids

This world that people have learnt to accept the danger and violence
THIS WORLD that judges people because of there looks,sexuality,race,disabilitys and mental thoughts that some of those people chose that they don't want to live in this world no more that they would rather leave this earth than stay here and suffer for being them.

U see some people who have depression and anxiety get to the point that they think everyone is against u that u don't have any friends

That you might have some but not enough to make u happy

And then u think about ur parents or ur mom or ur dad or ur siblings and u think there better off withought u so u stare at that rope or u grab that blade and think to yourself this is it, this is the time I finally get peace
But Imagine ur mother or father or sibling walking in on u there lifeless ur mother becomes depressed to the point she commits suicide,ur father becomes an alcoholic and dies from drunk driving or ur sibling or siblings die from an overdose of drugs
What would happen then
You would feel all this guilt thinking why did I take my life why did I give in to such a stupid thing when all I should have done was talked to someone talked to somebody who could have helped me who could have made u happy

And u think why didn't I realise how much people loved me then u find out ur bestfriend got herself hit by a train because she missed u that much
Or the people who ignored u trying to tell them that they overdose as well from the guilt
Would u want that
So please put the knife down
Untie the rope
Find someone to talk to
I'm hear for u to talk to
Please don't let anyone rate u down or bring u down to the point of depression,anxiety or suicide people are hear I'm hear just talk to me if u need ,I love u all

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