Crush ~ Part 3 {D.O/Kyungsoo Fanfic}

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"I don't remember falling in love with you. I just remember holding your hand and realizing how much it was going to hurt when I would have to let go."

Summary: You're Kai's best friend and you've been invited to stay with them for a little while they are on tour. You expect just normal visit where you spend some time with your best friend that your grew up with and have fun.. However little do you know, feelings get developed from someone in the group....


Everything was good till you hear the music stop. Everyone looked you and you see your phone ringing. You walked over to your phone and looked at the call but didn't have a name or anything, instead it just had a number.

"I should take this," You told the boys and they all nodded their head.

You pulled out your phone from the speakers and walked your way to the hall expecting to have a mistaken call.


"Incoming call from Seoul Jail facility.. Would you like to accept the request?"

Who would be calling your from Jail?


As soon as you said that it went silent.


Your heart dropped... Why was he calling?


"Why are you calling me?" Was the first words that left slipped out of your mouth as soon as your heard Kevin's voice. You had no idea why Kevin even bothered calling you. Kevin was the past and he was past that you wanted to forget everything about.

"I miss you." oh no not till bullshit.

"Kevin.." You automatically began to say trying to cut him off but that didn't stop him.

"I mean it Y/N," just hearing the words I miss you from his voice made your heart tighten and your eyes tear up.

"Kevin. I don't want anything to do with you.. You're dead to me. Just leave me alone." You barked and immediately hanged up feeling a tear stream down.. Why are you crying over him.. Was he even worth your tears?

You took a deep breath and tried to control yourself however Kevin just had to call you up and kill your entire mood... But you couldn't let Kevin have that effect on you, he's the past... You need to be happy and move on.

"Everything is going to be okay," you whispered to yourself trying to remain calm....

"Y/N?" You heard your name, you opened your eyes and the moment you turned around there you found Kyungsoo standing there looking at you with concern look plastered on his face.

"Yeah," you said wiping your tears and just gave a small smile.

It was too late now... You clearly weren't okay... You tried your best not to show your bad side, but it was far too late when here you are wiping away your tears..

"Y/N." He says walking up to you and you looked down. Well you can't say anything now? Kyungsoo knows you're clearly not okay and there was no way of hiding your feelings now. Although you may not know Kyungsoo so well, you still felt like he was trustworthy.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Kyungsoo asks unsure and you sighed. Maybe having someone else know your situation won't be so bad... Plus he is trying just to help..


"Let's go for a walk." Kyungsoo give you a small smile and you nodded in agreement. Maybe that's what you need, a small walk and to vent to someone.

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