Keeping Faith (Book 3 in the Red Valley Series)

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Copyright 2014

This is the 3rd book in the Red Valley Series but it can be read independently.

Faith Matthews left Charleston South Carolina to be her own person, not just a pretty face to be seen and not heard. She wanted no part of the endless balls and socials her parents thought was so important. After living with her brother and sister in law for two years, she finally decided to start living and bought her own ranch, even though she doesn't have a clue how to run one. Her new neighbor has other ideas though. Faith soon finds herself in a war over water, and is in desperate need of help. So her brother, Levi finds the perfect man for the job. Cade Jacobs is a hired gun, whose only loyalty is to whomever has the deepest pockets. On the outside, he appears to be cold and calculating, but appearances aren't always what they seem. Will Cade be able to help Faith save her ranch, or when the sparks start to fly, will they both go up in flames?

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