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Tuesday, September 1, 2015
(5 Years Later)


Hey Ceci, we sued Nancy Grace and CNN. Here's an excerpt from the complaint:

January 19, 2015, a mother in Nebraska put her children to bed and returned to her kitchen. There, she picked up her cell phone and found a picture of an unidentified man. She assumed that the picture was a fresh "selfie" taken by an intruder in her home.

She called 911. Nebraska Crime Stoppers, Inc., immediately posted the man's picture, but the police investigation determined that the photograph was an old Facebook photo of Robert Greene, not a selfie. Mr. Greene was in Connecticut, not Denver. There was no home invasion. It was all a mistake. And Mr. Greene was completely innocent.

However, defendant Nancy Grace broadcasted Mr. Greene's photograph on national television, and told the public that he invaded the family's home, took a selfie, and "this is a textbook serial killer's calling card." See Exhibit 1, Grace Video. Grace then posted her false story on the internet and spread it around the world to millions of viewers. As early as February, 2015, Grace's own viewers told her that her broadcasts were false and must stop.

In August 2015, Mr. Greene served Grace with a Cease and Desist letter, and in November he served her again. But, to date, Grace continues to defame Mr. Greene. Grace and CNN face claims of defamation per se and per quod, invasion of privacy, and outrageous conduct.


The Nancy Grace video you made for us was just featured on CBS News!!

Call me.


Looks great! Will call in a minute.

Monday, September 7, 2015


Ceci, Facebook is reporting your location. How do they know that?



Really, I always deny access when they want to report my location. What kind of locations you talkin bout?


Typical stuff, drug dens, church of Satan, fabric stores.

You got any tips to brighten up my teenage boy? I'm losing ground to an Xbox.


Do you force hugs on him? That's what we do with Charlie. His little brother makes us group hug often. Like it or not, we're hugging.


Aaaaah, Yes! That's excellent and simple. And Justin is very squeezable. I'll report back.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


A wife is punched and beaten into the emergency room by her drunken, dickless husband. In other moments of tenderness, he tries to drown her in a pool, and kicks her ass for bringing home the wrong brand of frozen pizza. We go to trial for her and against him tomorrow, so I haven't been thinking about anything except how to crush the shit out of Mr. Wonderful. Then, off a week for our pig roast, then two life sentence trials....

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