when G updates, its only for Solangelo

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the game went on as they normally would, Percy was dared to give Jason a hicky, which Annabeth dared and Piper was hoping for, Travis made out with katie and eventually the game spiralled into daring others to do sometime reasonably sexual, they were teenagers after all.

Reyna had just finished her 11th truth about E, when her next name drew the group in interest.
"Nico! truth or dare" Nicos head shot up at the mention of his name.
"what??" His voice cracked and he blushed, while reyna just rolled her eyes.
"Nicooo" Reyna drawled out the last part of his name, cocking her head and putting a hand on her hip.
"fine..." Nico weighed the options. Reyna knew TO much about him and his secrets to choose truth, so he was really left with only the other option.
"Dare?" Nico squeezed out, already cringing at the thought of what she would conjure up for him.

Reyna thought for a moment, till a sweet smile spread across her white teeth.
"I dare you, to spend 7 minutes ALONE with...." She pretended to think for a moment, the tension in the room skyrocketing.
"Nico Di Angelo, i dare you, to spend 7 minutes in heaven with William Solace."


I KNOW IM SORRY i suck at writing and updates lolololol
also, thinking about righting a second book on this series about the aftermath of the game, what do you think?? ALSO!! go find me on AO3! @/tiptoeingquietly

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