Chapter 7 Koala Bear

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“How long was I glommed on to you?” he asked, mortified.


“You know, like a koala bear.”

I chuckled, “since I came to bed last night.”

“Oh no, I’m so sorry,” he moaned.

“It’s alright Finn, I like it, I liked feeling you close to me,” I whispered into his ear.  “Relax, you just needed comfort after all you’ve been through.”

He seemed to relax at that, I could feel the tension in his shoulders and back dissipate.

“You’re not mad?” he exhaled.

“I’m not mad.  Did it make you uncomfortable?  Do you not like it?” I posed.

He hesitated before answering.  “No…I liked it,” he replied in a small voice.

“Come here,” I breathed as I pulled him up against me again, rubbing circles over his chest.  He let out a deep sigh and leaned into my body.  I slowly placed kisses over the top of his head while continuing to move my hand over his chest moving it lower with each circle.  When I reached his waistband I let my pinky slide just under his boxers.  His body let out a slight shudder as he tried to hold in a moan.  I swept my hand lower and felt his erection twitch against the back of my hand.

I kissed around his ear and whispered, “Tell me if you want me to stop.” He wasn’t my sub yet, so I was willing to let him have control over what happened, but I wasn’t going to go too far.  I knew he was a virgin and I would need to take things a small step at a time.  He didn’t reply only let out panting breaths so I took that as my cue to continue.

I ran my hand over his hardness and he bucked his hips slightly as if trying to thrust himself into my grip.  I felt his ass rub against my own erection and stifled a deep groan.  Lowering my hand completely down into his boxers I grabbed his shaft with my hand and began sliding it up and down, relishing the feel of his velvety skin in contrast to his hard erection.  I pumped slowly at first and then began to pick up the pace.

Finn was a mewling mess bucking into my hand and grinding back into my groin.  I had to fight and exercise more control than I ever imagined possible not to rip his shorts off and plow deep inside him.  He continued to pant and whimper, his body reacting to every touch.  After a few minutes I felt his whole body tense and he let out a high pitched mewl, I knew he was incredibly close.

"Let it go baby, I want to feel you cum in my hand," I whispered into his ear. 

Immediately he thrust hard against my grip and then surprised me by calling out my name, "Unggg…Nico…ahhh…"  He must have heard Ajax call me by my childhood nickname because I only allowed very close friends and family to call me that.

He bucked a few more times as he emptied himself in my palm and then his breathing started to slow back to normal and he slumped exhausted against my chest.  I reached away from us and wiped my hand into the sheet, I'd have the bed changed later on.

"That was beautiful baby," I whispered as I trailed kisses down from his temple to his neck.  He leaned his head away exposing his throat to me and I loved that he was already so open and trusting.

After a few minutes, he rolled over to face me and his beautiful eyes just looked into mine expectantly.

"Was that okay?" I asked him. 

He nodded affirmatively and looked down for a moment before he whispered so quietly I barely heard him.  "What about you?" his timid voice asked.

I thought about just telling him I was fine, I could always go take care of myself in the bathroom, but then I realized that we could take one more baby step.  First I reached down and pulled off his shirt, my hand trailed over his bare chest.  His baby blues stayed on me the entire time, no fear, no panic; it was purely sublime.

Then I took his small hand in mine and lowered it down into my own boxers and placed it around my shaft.  I heard a slight gasp at my size and watched his eyes widen.  Squeezing my hand over his I led it up and down my shaft showing him how firmly I like it gripped, where I like to be rubbed and squeezed.  I picked up the pace and was no longer able to hold back my own moans as I bucked my hips into our palms.  My boxers has slipped down my hips and my cock was jutting out towards him.

I was already highly aroused, so it was only a few minutes later when I felt my balls tighten and my lower stomach quiver so I tightened my hand over his even harder and with one final thrust I hollered out a groan as I came all over Finn's chest, thrusting over and over as my orgasm splattered his entire front.  It was so sexy it took my breath away.

I couldn't stop myself from reaching up and rubbing my juices into his skin that had turned pink from the activity.  When I finally caught my breath I looked down and noticed Finn was rock hard again and panting.  But I didn't want to take things any farther so I leaned over and kissed him on the forehead and was about to tell him to go take a shower when he leaned his head up and caught my lips with his.

His kiss was tentative and I could tell that he had little to no experience, but I loved that.  It was so pure and innocent, even loving.  I returned his kiss licking his bottom lip gently and coaxing his mouth open.  I reached my hand behind his head holding it in place as I carefully explored his mouth, hungry for the taste of him.  I stopped before I got too aggressive and placed my hand on his cheek.

"Why don't we take a shower Finn, I think we could both use one."

"Like, umm, together?" he asked.

"I'd like to," I posed.

He looked a little pensive at first so I caressed his head, petting his hair in reassurance.  "It's okay Finn, we won't do anything but shower."

"Umm, okay."

We got up and I led him into the bathroom.  He went to use the toilet while I got the shower started, while the water warmed up I went and used the toilet as well.  When I returned he was finishing brushing his teeth.

He turned to me and I wordlessly kneeled down and pulled down his boxers.  He put a steadying hand on my shoulder and stepped out of them.  Then I stood up and removed my own.  He looked me up and down his eyes raking over every part of me.

"Do you like what you see?" I asked.

He blushed a deep red and looked down embarrassedly.

"It's okay," I assured him.  "I like what I see when I look at you."

"But I'm nothing compared to you," he scoffed.

I almost felt angry, he was so beautiful, how could he say that.  "I think you're the most beautiful boy I've ever seen," I replied sternly, "I think you're perfect."

His baby blues looked up at me as if trying to read my face to see if I was lying.  But I meant every word.  Using my index finger I tilted up his chin just a bit, "I mean that, it would mean everything to me to have you in my life."

His eyes widened.  "Really?"

I merely nodded in response and before the moment got too intense I led him into the shower.  I grabbed some body wash and a washcloth and began to wash him from head to toe.  When I was finished he looked at me and picked up another washcloth, he didn't move until I nodded and then he washed me as well.  I had to crouch down a few times so he could reach my head, which gave us both a chuckle.

Afterwards we dried off and I went into the closet and picked out an outfit for him.  I chose a pair of khaki pants and a pale rose polo shirt, boxers, socks and a pair of brown leather boat shoes.  I also chose a pair of khakis, a dark blue close fitting t-shirt and brown loafers for myself.

"Are you hungry?" I asked him as we dressed.

"Yeah, a bit."

"What do you like for breakfast?"

"Um, anything, cereal's fine."

"Well what would you have if you could have anything?" I prompted.

He looked up and I saw a glimmer in his eyes and a small smile.  "I like waffles…"

"Then waffles it is, and scrambled eggs and bacon for some protein."  I grabbed my phone and texted the kitchen with our order as well as some coffee for me and orange juice for Finn.  The day was starting better than I had imagined!

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