Chapter 7 Koala Bear

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Chapter 7


I returned to my office to get some work done, but also to contact my legal team and private investigator.  The P.I. to find Finn’s mother, and the legal team to draft an agreement transferring legal guardianship of Finn over to me.  His mother didn’t deserve him and she sounded like someone who would sign the papers for the right price.  I authorized them to offer her $100,000 to sign and agree never to contact him again.  Whether she signed or not, she wouldn't be seeing him again anyway, but having legal guardianship would just make a lot of things easier.

Some people might think I was acting rash or impulsively, but I always trust my instincts and my instincts were telling me to do everything I needed to make Finn Jennings mine.

At about midnight I closed my laptop and decided to head to bed.  I slipped quietly into the bedroom which was dark except for the moonlight streaming in through the portholes.  When I looked over to the bed, the sight before me took my breath away. Finn was sprawled out in the middle of the bed lying on his back.  The covers were disheveled as if the process of falling asleep had been quite restless and they now were draped just up to his waist.  He had a T-shirt on that was hiked up just enough to show his firm abs.  I found my eyes glued to the sight of him, my mouth watering and a tightening below my belt.  I had the urge to crawl into bed and simply devour him.  But I knew it was too soon and I might scare him before I had a chance to make him agree to be mine.

Instead I relieved myself in the bathroom, brushed my teeth and then stripped down to my calvin kleins. I never wore pajamas to bed, normally I just slept in the nude, but I thought I should at least wear the boxers tonight.  Crawling onto my side of the bed I reached over and adjusted the blankets over Finn.  As I lifted the blanket I noted that he was just wearing boxers on his bottom half, his legs stretched out in opposite directions.

Lying down on my side I couldn’t help but watch him, the rise and fall of his chest, his lips slightly parted and the relaxed look to his sweet face.  I reached over and lightly brushed a thick blonde curl out of his face.  He immediately reacted to the contact by rolling over towards me and letting out a very quiet whimper, perhaps sensing me next to him.  I watched in awe as he scooted himself closer and nestled into my chest a small hand reached up to slide under my arm and around my waist.  His legs tangled themselves in between mine as if his whole body wanted to make contact.

I wrapped my arm around him pulling him even closer and holding him tightly.  I wanted him to feel safe and cared for with me.  I had to establish that before any training could begin.  I kissed the top of his head feeling my body relax as I inhaled his sweet scent.  What was this boy doing to me?

Finn slept soundly until around 8:00 o’clock the next morning.  I’m an early riser, usually up by 6:30, but when I awoke I refused to give up my hold on this intoxicating boy.  He started to stir, squirming around in my arms at first.  The small sounds he emitted; quiet whimpers and moans, increased my normal morning “problem” tenfold, but as he moved about I realized he also had that problem when it bumped into my thigh, causing a groan to escape from my lips.  Still unconscious his squirming turned to rubbing, his body shuddering in response to the tactile contact. 

He eyes suddenly popped open as he realized what he was doing.  He let out a gasp and tried to quickly roll away.  I didn’t release my hold so he was only able to turn around so that now his back was to me.

“I’m so sorry,” he mewled, his voice high pitched and worried.

“It’s okay,” I soothed, petting the hair out of his face. 

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