Chapter 23

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Last night was Charlotte and I's first night in a new house.

Dominic and Heather Reed's house.

My damnably tempting boss who I've crossed the line with several times and his soon to be Ex-wife.

Albeit, it was a surprisingly normal night.

The house was so vast that both Charlotte and I were awarded a room of our own. I asked if Charlotte and I could room next to each other at least but Charlotte put a halt to that idea the moment I put it out there.

To her, she was treating this as the vacation she'd never had before.

Not only was she staying in a new, exciting place that was far more extravagant than our tiny, one story house but she was also getting a live in playmate who had a hoard of brilliant toys to be shared.

I had assumed getting Charlotte to adjust to living in a new home would be difficult but now I'm certain that getting her to leave is going to be the real challenge.

As for me?

I was now residing in the same house as the man who simultaneously drove my hormones into a manic frenzy whilst burning a hole of anxiety through my chest with every tender look his thoughtful eyes sent my way.

If it were up to me, I would have stayed in that absurdly cozy bed that was twice the size of mine at home, buried underneath the mountain of silk soft sheets that had entangled my entire body into a cocoon of warmth and comfort all day long.

And yet, the cookie doesn't always crumble the way you wish it would.

The second my nose got a whiff of the seductive smell of bacon, my tired eyes flew open and without any say so from my still sleeping mind, I was out of bed and leaving my new room with nothing but my pajamas and a ravenous appetite.

My feet were weary as they padded down the staircase that led into the kitchen entrance. I could hear the muffle of voices but I was entirely unsure of what scene was awaiting me once I arrived downstairs.

Was Heather down there? Was Charlotte even awake?

Both of my unspoken questions were answered just as quickly as they appeared in my mind as I took the final step off of the stairs and stole my way into the kitchen.

Both Charlotte and Maya were seated next to each other at the kitchen table, smiling and giggling as they shared in a board game of sorts, making memories that would be forever imprinted in their joyful minds.

Dominic was hovering above the stove making breakfast, stealing glances back at the two small girls with a crooked smile inching up onto his content face.

It was almost too perfect of a scene to interrupt. I wished for a moment I could just stand in the corner, watching the normality of the scenario play out before me.

A seemingly happy father making breakfast for two equally as happy girls. A mother would soon come into the picture, just as blissful and beautiful as the day her and her husband married. She'd give a swift kiss to her husbands cheek and make her way over to the girls, joining in on their joy and preparing them for their days at school.

That's how this scene should play out.

Yet, there would be no merry mother coming into the room. The father was anything but happy. One of the young girls didn't belong at that table.

And me.

I couldn't play any part in that show as theres no where for a brash, homeless nanny to fit into that family.

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