28 - babe

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THE SAME DAY @ 2:31am

     My phone rang as expected and I quickly pressed accept to shut up the loud ringing.

     "H-Hello?" I whispered, trying to be quiet.

     "Luna? Are you okay?" The boy sounded frantic and worried. Once the words left his mouth, I instantly broke into a fit of tears.

     "No." I sobbed into the phone. 

     "Luna you know I'd never do that." He took a deep breath and continued, "You're my best friend."

     "I-I know but it seemed so realistic and half of me knows it was just a dream and the other half thinks it'll happen when I get there. Alex I don't know if I wanna go anym-" Before I could finish my sentence, Alex cut me off.

     "No!" He sounded close to tears. "Luna you have to.  I have everything planned a-and everything. Luna, please?"

      "I'll sleep on it, but I doubt I'm getting much sleep tonight." I looked down at my fingers, the street light outside my window shining down into my room.

      "I'll tell you a story." He hesitated.

      "Will it be good?" I smiled softly as he giggled. I don't think I've heard him giggle before.

     "Yeah, the best." He took a breath. "I think this was last year. Do you watch the vlogs?" I nodded, then quickly realized he can't see me.

     "I've watched them all." I shamefully admitted.

     "Do you know the bit with a bunch of tables? I actually ended up bruising my foot and couldn't walk for a week after that. Those tabled are har-" Alex's voice suddenly stopped as I heard a door open.

     "Alex what the fuck are you doing? It's 3 in the fucking morning." A groggy voice grumbled.

     "David go back to sleep." I gasped quietly as I found out who interrupted Alex.

     "Who are you talking to?" He sounded more alerted.

     "No one, go away." I frowned slightly at being a 'no one'. Footsteps grew in the distance of the other side. "David fuck off."

     "Not until I know who you're talking to, c'mon" David sounded awake and filled with amusement by now.

     "Put your fucking vlog camera away." Alex sighed, clearly annoyed. "Put yourself on mute, babe." I did what he said, but kept listening.

     "Ooohhh, who are you calling 'babe'" David's laugh rang through the speakers as I rushed to put earbuds in.

     "It's just Luna, happy?" Alex gave in.

     "Are you guys dating?" A smile evident in his voice.

     "Don't you think I would've told you if we were?" The single boy snapped. "Now get out."

     "Alright, alright. Goodnight Alex." He grumbled in response, "And bye Luna!" I took myself off mute to voice a quick farewell, getting the sound of a door closing in response.

     "Luna I am so sorry." Alex apologized.

     "It's fine bub, but- uh- I think I'm gonna head to sleep now." A yawn escaped my mouth. "Talk to you tomorrow, Alex."

     "Oh, okay. Talk to you tomorrow." He sighed and hung up. I sighed, and put my phone down. I got under the covers, thinking about the boy I'm seeing in 3 days.

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