Happy Birthday Undertaker

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( Today is our unertakers birthday and this realy happend)

Grell  : Happy Birthday Undertaker!

Undertaker: * Blowing up a balloon bigger than it should be*

Grell: Now you're going to pop that!


Undertaker: OW!

Grell: You poped it and went into your eye again huh?

Undertaker: Yes T-T

Grell: I told yout o not blow them bigger than they should.

Pluto: *Playing with ballons already not poped and trying to pop those*

pop pop pop!

Grell: PLUTO!!! Stop that

Undertaer: * Blows up another ballon for pluto* all done!

Will: * walks in* Grell wat did you do!

Grell: I did nothing!

Undertaker : Tee Hee

Will: honestly *Fixes glasses* Happy birthday Undertaker............What is a demon hound doing here?

Grell : We adopted him! isn't he cute?

Will: No. stop getting animals.

Grell: never...... I still can't believe Alois got Grounded.

Undertaker: Grell You're So white. *Bites into a biscut*

Pluto: *whines, Afterpoping all the balloons and wanting a Biscut*

Undertaker: No, Havent you had enough fun? My eye still hurts though...... Imma get another one.

Grell : Not again!


Undertaker: T-T

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