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39 | " Yeah? "

Her hands came in contact with her neck, fingertips pressing onto the pressure points as she looked at her reflection in the body length mirror.

Thinking back to about an hour ago, she smiled. She had never expected Luke would be so extremely happy to see his mom and sister because of what he told her a few weeks back. His mom basically neglected him after she found out about Luke dating Grace and she wasn't really sure what happened between Abby and him, but it must've been something to do with Luke and Liz not having any type of contact.

She wasn't sure if inviting them to Luke's twenty fifth birthday was such a good idea - it could ruin his whole night and they surely would've gotten into a fight if he didn't like his present at all. Logan was scared to admit it, but she did not want to lose Luke at any cost - he meant too much to her to just let go.

She took her straightened hair out of the ponytail it was in all night, the tightness of the elastic band keeping her hair together made a headache rise to her brain. With a soft sigh Logan cleaned her face with a make-up wipe and applied some night cream right after that.

Tonight was a fun night, but all the arranging she had done had tired and stressed her out. She certainly did not mind the fact that she was tired out of her mind, because it was all for the guy she loved so dearly.

With a loud yawn, she rubbed her eyes and stretched her arms out above her head. The alarm clock on Luke's nightstand showed her the time in big bright red numbers; 3.57. Logan stripped out of her dress and threw it onto the chair in the corner of Luke's room, where a few of his neatly ironed button ups were hanging over the arm rest of the fancy wooden furniture. She let herself sink into the bed by sitting on it, reaching for the black T-shirt Luke had left there after taking it of this morning. 

The familiar smell of peppermint and his aftershave filled her nose and it sent tingles to her stomach, the smell made her think of something cozy and nice - something like home. 

Funny to think that half a year ago, she was still with Colin and trying to convince her ex-boyfriend that having children at this time wasn't that good of an idea and that she sometimes really needed time for herself - no matter how much she loved him. It wasn't going to work out and she just needed someone to make her see that. Someone like Luke. 

She was intrigued by him ever since he had hired her as a maid. Sure, at first she was kind of scared by him at some times but by getting to know him better and being around him much more, made her feel at ease. 

The small squeak the door made when someone opened it made her shake out of her thoughts, her boyfriend's head peaking around the door. Once he saw his angel wasn't asleep just yet, he smiled brightly and opened the door fully. "Why aren't you sleeping yet, baby?"

Logan smiled back at him, watching how he kicked his shoes into the corner of the room, his hands reaching for the collar of his shirt before he pulled it over his head. 

"I was about to, but then you came home already." She told him, pulling the sheets up until her chin as her eyes lingered on Luke, "How was the party?"

Luke didn't answer her question right away. It wasn't until he stepped into bed and pulled his girlfriend against him that he opened his mouth to speak, "You've done such an amazing job at hiding my present for me," He chuckled, nuzzling his nose into her hair. "I've had a great night, thank you for everything."

In his voice was a small crack, and that caused Logan to think that he wasn't only thanking her for tonight. He was thanking her for everything that she ever did for him. From taking his mind off of Grace to getting his mom and sister to his party as a big surprise, it was all combined into those few words. 

She smiled and turned her head slightly, reaching her hand up to caress Luke's stubbly cheek, her thumb brushing his cheekbone softly. "My pleasure," She answered, "You've worked so hard these past few weeks that I thought you deserved a huge ass surprise that would warm your cold asshole heart."

Luke's mouth fell agape at her joke, his fingertips pressing into her sides. He watched how Logan's eyes squinted together and a laugh escaped her lips, her eyes shiny with a small but happy twinkle. 

She pressed a sloppy kiss onto his cheek before she wrapped an arm around his torso. Her hand found his messy mob of blonde curls, her fingers lightly tugging onto the roots as she looked at her boyfriend.

"You're extremely lucky I fucking love you, otherwise you would've been on the ground already." Luke playfully rolled his eyes, lightly tugging on her waist to bring and keep her even closer. A small giggle followed from Logan, her legs tangling with her boyfriend's as the silence surrounded the pair. 

"My mom and sister would love to get to know you better," Luke spoke up quietly, "Especially Abby, she says she's happy I finally found someone she can actually stand."

That made both of them laugh, "I'm glad, that makes me very happy."

Luke reached upwards to plant a kiss onto her lips, his voice coming out as a whisper, "You make me very happy."

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