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Bad timing.

Why of all the days, Yugyeom will invite me for a dinner and what's worse is Dahyun is with us.

How great.

Dahyun looked surprised too when she saw me already sitting at the far end corner of the restaurant.

Yugyeom waved and I forced myself to smile and waved back at them.

"Jungkook, this is my friend Dahyun. You probably know who she is, right?" Yugyeom flashed me a knowing smile.

"Yeah, of course. She's from Twice." And she's my fiancee! I want to freaking add. But that will be a wrong move.

"Sit here, Dubu." Yugyeom pulls out the chair beside him.

How badly I want Dahyun to sit here beside me. And goddamn it, I'm hearing that Dubu nickname again.

"Let's order!" Yugyeom excitedly said. "No shrimps for our dubu~" he began to sang while looking at the menu.

I steal glances at Dahyun and caught her staring at me. She mouthed "Sorry" and I just nodded my head, telling that it's okay.

The waiter came and took our orders.

"Soooo... how's your tour?" I started a topic so things won't go awkward.

"It was really good! But I'm still getting used in riding airplanes."

"I know the feeling. It's really scary at first," I said.

"When Twice became really famous, you will experience travelling and riding airplanes," Yugyeom told Dahyun. "Are you still afraid of heights?" He worriedly asked.

Woah. Reminds myself that these two are childhood friends which means that they know everything about each other.

I didn't know that Dahyun is afraid of heights, to be honest.

I suddenly feel like a failure and Yugyeom is beating me up.

"I'm starting to overcome that fear," Dahyun replied. "I actually ride a ferris wheel a few weeks ago."

"Really?! With whom? Chaeyoung? Sana?" Yugyeom asked.

With me. I wanted to answer for Dahyun but this is not the right time to reveal everything to Yugyeom.

Yesterday, me and Twice talked privately with JYP himself. He told us not to tell GOT7 and the other JYP artists about me and Dahyun since they're looking for a perfect timing to tell it to them.

That's why here we are now, keeping it all to Yugyeom which is not easy knowing that he actually likes Dahyun and I bet Dahyun knows it too.

"With a friend." Dahyun replied.

Ouch, that hurts. Dahyun just referred to me as a friend.

"Who? Tell me the name!" Yugyeom insists. "Don't tell me it's a guy."

"So what if he's a guy?" Dahyun asked playfully. She gave me a quick glance and I'm trying myself not to smile at her.

"As long as it's Jooheon then it's fine. I trust that guy," Yugyeom said.

Hold up. Who's Jooheon?

"Yeah, it's Jooheon. Although he's busy with Monsta X's promotions, he still made time to come with me," Dahyun lied. She's really not good in lying but I'm glad Yugyeom didn't notice it.

So now I know who's that Jooheon guy. He's from Monsta X.

I didn't know that Dahyun has a lot of male idol friends.

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