Chapter 8

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"Is this for real?" Eliza asked her father again, still not believing. Her breakfast remained untouched as she stared the newspaper, reading the headline for the fourth time.

"I can't believe it either," her father said in a weary voice, eating a piece of toaster. He rubbed his eyes and blinked a couple times. "My phone's been ringing all morning. Fabio says the department is packed. Never seen so many reporters. He says they're interviewing anyone. They wanted even me."

The girl unfolded the newspaper so fast she almost ripped it. Her eyes checked the headline and the photo once more before reading the article. Chief of Police suspected of corruption. That alone made her insides burn with rage, but underneath those words almost made her torn up the newspaper.

Chief of Police, Djalma dos Santos Silva, is suspected of taking a bribe to lead the investigation to the mayor and the town's council, away from himself. An anonymous tip informed the investigations ignored any leads that had could lead to the deep corruption inside the police department itself...

That's a lie! She trembled so much she had trouble reading the rest. It's a fucking lie! Eliza gave up and handed the newspaper back to her father; she didn't have to read the rest to know it would only make her angry. There's no way he'd take a bride. That mayor... Eliza remembered him from the party. Bianca said that party was a bribe party... I thought she was just joking... Bianca...

With her stomach tightening, the girl raced to the bedroom and grabbed her phone. As she heard the dial tone, she turned in the direction of the redhead's house. She rested her hand on the wall and focused her eyes, but nothing happened. With deep breaths, she stared at the wall. This time it became transparent, but no matter how much she tried to use her powers, she couldn't see more than a few meters ahead.

There's no way I can focus right now, Eliza thought, clicking her tongue. All she could think was Bianca and her family. Come on, pick up... come on, Red, pick up... But there was only the dial tone.

She ended the call and tried again. Come on, Bianca. I wanna hear your voice... Eliza never thought she would ever hate the dial tone this much. "Bianca!" she shouted when her girlfriend finally picked up.

"Hey, Eliza. Good morning," Bianca answered. Though she spoke in a normal tone, Eliza could tell her girlfriend was forcing. Did she sleep at all? "As much as I love hearing your voice first thing in the morning, actually, scratch that. It's the best way to start my day. But I know you know I'm not a morning person."

"Yeah, I know that. And I know many things about you. Like, you snore. A lot," Eliza joked to lighten the mood, a weak and thin smile on her lips.

"I keep telling it's not me. Maybe when your eyes enhanced, your ears did too, so you keep hearing someone else," Bianca answered in her usual playful tone. Eliza could imagine the redhead pouting, but she could tell Bianca wasn't having her usual fun.

"That doesn't make sense. According to all those movies you made me watch, you can only enhance the other senses when you lose one."

"True that," she said and they both chuckled. Soon they stopped and the silence grew. "I take it you saw the news?"

"Yeah," Eliza said, but then added, "I know it's not true! Your dad you'd never do something like that!"

"Thanks. You have no idea how much better I feel hearing that. And not just because it's you."

Eliza heard a faint chuckled on the other side. Then a sniff. She's been crying, she realized with a pang in her heart. The girl opened her mouth, but then closed it, biting her lips. What can I say? Is there anything I can do for her?

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