Chapter I

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It was just another ordinary cold night in NYC. 4 police officers showed up to a crime scene. A man shot in the back is the case they are dealing with. The medics are there but there is no saving for the man. A women crying and screaming comes over to John "MISTER POLICE MAN I KNOW WHO DID IT" she receives a calm response from the police officer "We've got our best detective on this case" "THERE'S NO NEED FOR HIM. IT'S A SIMPLE CASE " John leans closer to the woman and says "It's a simple case but a record breaking one " the woman tries to add to the conversation but she ends up stuttering and ultimately giving up on her argument. After she leaves John keeps looking at the body of the dead man, while he's staring at the deceased body a Chevrolet pulls up at the crime scene. A man wearing a black hat, a coat covering his black shirt some black jeans and brown boots. The man comes out of his car with a cigarette in his mouth, while walking towards the crime scene his boots hit several puddles making water splth up. He lifts the police line immediately looking at the dead body and than at John "Easy case? " the man asks "Every case counts and this is the one to get you the record" "Still can't believe I'm about to beat the record for most cases cracked in the US" "You're a hard worker, you deserve it. The witness is right there Inspector Copper" "Get the body away from here I don't need to look at it" "Sure thing". John then preceds to instruct the medics to take the body away. As that happens Copper walks over to the witness. He puts his hand out "Inspector Copper" the woman shakes his hand while shaking herself "Jessica " "Alright Jess what happend? " "It's my ex boyfriend he came in and chased the poor man and than proceed to shoot him " "Hmmmm... Your ex, was it really your ex? " "Yes" Jessica says while crossing her arms "I'm not here to judge you, I'm here to solve this murder. So work with me" "Finee.. Fine I cheated" she says with tears in her eyes. Copper pulls out a notebook and a pen from his wet coat "So your I assume now ex, what's his name? " "Rob Dawson " "And how does he look like?" "He's about 5"11,has dark hair,a little stubble he is medium built and he has a very recognizable crooked nose" "Good, good, where does he live? " "[NEW YORK STEET] " "And where would Rob go if he's mad or upset? " "The bar down the road "Bety's Place" I believe it's called". "Very good miss Jessica. One more question before I live. What does Rob drive?" "A brown car, I'm sorry I don't know which" "No worries, that would be about it. Thank you miss " Copper finishes the conversation and writes everything down. He enters his Chevrolet and starts it up, while driving he throws his cigarette out of the window the other 2 police cars follow after him. Driving through the streets and nearing "Bety's Place Inspector Cooper notices a brown Pontiac Lemans randomly parked in front of a apartment. "Smart. But I've been in this business too long to get fooled by this " so the inspector continues his drive to the bar.
Once he makes it there Copper notices that it seems pretty empty, he decides to walk in the other police men catch up to him but Copper motions them to stop. As he enters he already feels the smoke of cigars enter his nostrils. He scans the place looking for a distinguishable crooked nose, seeing a lot of drunk people but no giveaway that Dawson is one of them. He decides to walk over to the counter. "Anything you'll have sir? " "Whiskey" He grabs the bigger brown haired lady presumably called Bety. "Give me a whole bottle " she just nods and continues to walk away. He continues to look for the man but no no avail, right as he's about to receive the order he sees a browned haired man with a stubble and a very recognizable crooked nose, the man sits a couple of chairs next to him, Copper pays the whiskey and walks next to him "Hard night? " Copper asks in a smooth voice while pouring the man some whiskey "Is it obvious? " just as Copper opens his mouth a screaming voice can be heard from the front of the bar "THE POLICE IS HERE! " immediately after those words rung around the bar everyone was running including sir Rob Dawson, Copper was doing his hardest trying to catch up to him but during that pace he never would "Sir, wait up! " Copper said, surprised by the outcome Rob actually turned around. "Follow me" Copper said while pointing to his car. They both got into the car Copper driving "Where are we going?" Rob asked just as he realized that he got in the car with a total stranger "My place" as he turned on the radio to the sweet tunes of Frank Sinatra's My Way. "Your place? Where exactly is your place? " "Pretty close. You're running from the police, why? " "I've done some shit. I'm not proud to admit" "Interesting... What's your name? " "Rob Dawson, yours? " Copper stops the car right in front of the police station, right as he stopped the car he pulls out and I'd from his pocket "Inspector Copper Nypd " Dawson's eyes widened as he processed everything that's happening "And you sir Dawson are under arrest" Dawson tried to open the door to the car but it was locked with one firm punch Copper knocked Dawson out cold. Opening his eyes Dawson sees his hands in handcuffs and Copper behind him leading the man to his cell. While walking the man to the cell he noticed that there was a small amount of guards around. Maybe only a handful. As he entered the office of his long time friend Chief George the lights turned on and about 10 party popers went off "Surprise" everyone cheered. With a smile on his face, Copper began to ask "What, what is this for? " "Don't act so naive Cop" a familiar voice got closer to him, it was George. "This is for your record of most successful cases" he smiled handing Cop a glass of Vodka "Might be a little to strong but I've got a taxi waiting for you after this. You don't wanna join the people you put in there" he says as he points to the cell room. "It's your party go interact with people " George gets closer to Cop and whispers into his ear "Try to talk with some recruits. They look at you as if you were a god ". Walking through the room Cop hears a conversation about him "I heard it was a Gta case and he had to chase the guy down, and he caught him but there was a huge explosion and it was all kinds of awesome ". Cop approaches the young recruits. Immediately as they see him their faces light up "Inspector Copper " he says with a smug smile on his face, they all freeze until Copper decides to brake the silence "I heard the story you we're talking about. You know after Aidan Pod decided to write a comic about me everyone has started to invent stories about my incredible adventures. But that one is very true a little exaggerated but very true" "So you mean you actually chased a guy with a car? " "Yes I crashed into him, he lost control and he hit s pole there was no explosion though. Since you know who I am I want to know a little bit about you guys. " a brave young man spoke up "Eugen" another one after him "Adrian " "Sebastian " "Nemanja " Cop gives the man to his right Nemanja a pat on the back and continues to talk "Hopefully one day we'll celebrate like this for one of you. But it was nice meeting you boys". When he finished his conversation he walked over to the table with the alcohol, Cop decided to go with his favourite a nice cold whiskey. Even though he had amazing conversation skills he was pretty shy and getting a little tipsy always helped him. He noticed a lone wolf standing in the corner alone. "What's up why are you alone? " I'm just pretty shy " "Take this" Cop hands him the whiskey "It always makes me outgoing when I'm shy" "You? Inspector Copper shy? I refuse to believe that " "Don't believe me but just try it" The man quickly downs the glass "Yea. I'm going to get another " "A name would be nice " "Steven. That's my name". Continuing to walk around he notices that Steven is pretty much wasted and is the most outgoing person there trying to talk with every woman he sees. "Congratulations Mister Copper " he hears a voice behind "Thank you Mister... " "Colonel David " "Oh a Colonel. I see and this wonderful lady besides you is? " "She is my daughter currently working as an intern here ". Copper decided to take the hand of David's daughter and kiss it "Copper " "Susan ". As the "party" slowly ends and everyone decides to leave only Copper and Chief George remain. George sits beside his desk and Copper in front of him. "Cop the Cop. Our own super hero" "Well, I wouldn't call myself a super hero " "You've got your own damn comic book. If you don't call yourself a super hero I will" George says as he laughs and twirls his big white mustache "What are you waiting for... A goodbye kiss? " they both laugh at the random comment from George "Would be nice. But you aren't going home " "Cop, cop, cop take a look at me. I will almost black out, what kind of an example will I give if I'm ass hat drunk" "Ass hat? " "The taxi is waiting outside. Now let me get some sleep " "Later George " "Later Cop the Cop ". As he enters the taxi the driver greets him "Inspector Copper " "How much? " "For you, not even a dollar" "They paid you already, didn't they? " "Damn you are good" "Wake me up when we get there ".When they got there the taxi driver woke him up and he went to his apartment. Slowly entering the apartment he turned the lights, he thought everyone was asleep but low and behold his wife was at the table with a bottle of wine "I believe it's 1:34 am inspector Cop " "1:35 m'lady " Cop said trying to hug her, but she pushed him off "Celebrating? " "Yep" "Thought you would celebrate it with someone you loved " "And I did, George " "Well than you'll make love to George " Cop leaned in and kissed his wife. "Open the wine bottle " she opened the bottle and poured them both half a cup of wine. "Can't believe you did it and your still alive" "Funny joke" "Ever thought of being like on the other side of the law? " "You mean a criminal? " "Yea.. I mean you worked for about 30 years as a cop" "Actually never, but if you cheat on me than remember that I know the perfect killing " "I'll remember that" they talked for a few more minutes before inspector Copper completely passed out. When he woke up he was on the ground. A grunt came out of his mouth. "Morning sweety" "Abigail. Why am I on the ground? " "I tried to move you to your bed you we're just too heavy" "Where's Sally? " "She's off to school " "What? " Copper got up and looked at the clock "11:13. What do we have for breakfast? " "My famous scrambled bacon eggs " "I love you " "You love my food" "That too ". As he's eating his food Abigail says "4 hours late to work. Great role model" "It's forgiven" after some fast eating and a little chit chat Copper got in his taxi and went to work. When he arrived there he was met by George. "Cop the cop amazing man, amazing role model, super hero, a man of a kind, future noble prize winner, late 5 hours to work" "I'm sorry" "There is no sorry I was here in time " "Yeah it took 3 interns to wake you up " A voice from behind George said. It was his younger brother Georgie "You were so damn drunk George " Georgie said teasing his older brother "Lieutenant Georgie you will not talk like that to your Chief ". Even tho Georgie was younger he was never as good as George but he could get a job done. "Inspector Cop come to my office ". As they walk into the office and sit into their respective seats. "Okay now Cop. Blue, white, black, hazelnut? " "What hazelnut? What are you talking about? " "Oh you don't know? Well next week we we're invited at a special televised party for you at the WHITE HOUSE " "Umm. Excuse me? " "Exactly my friend, you are a sensation. As if yesterday we joined the academy " "The bus ride was so bad" "You we're seated next to me, of course it was bad. You were this dude that failed doctors school and decided to join the police force. To be honest I thought you'd give up" "But I did not" "No you didn't " "Remember when you almost gave up George? " "Let's not talk about that" "You failed so miserably at the target practice and fighting " "I was crying wasn't I? " "Like a baby that wants tittie milk" "I could use some of that now " "And than when Bob broke your nose. Come to think of it you were a bit of a sissy " "Ha ha ha. Well remember who was the smartest? " "Yeah, myself, but I didn't study for the exams" "And you always got a B" "Jealous " "A little bit " they both laughed. "Remember John? " George said "The one that always got drunk? " "Exactly, he teaches there now" "Damn, nice".After some more chatting they we're finally coming to an end. "Listen here" George said, "You were my best friend and still are, I feel like I survived the academy just because of you" "I feel the same way" they hugged and as Copper was preparing to walk out George reminded him "The vow? " "I shall serve, protect, help even if it's not the thing I want to do. Law is my priority nothing comes above it, any person that wears this uniform is my family and I shall respect them all equally regardless of their rank, and if I ever break the law or turn from it and chose the other side of the law I shall die in cold blood. Law above everything, life before death, respect for the brother, blue forever" "Blue forever. Now be on your way Cop " . Copper decided to go to his desk. After a boring day the inspector left for home with his own car this time. Some minutes later he was home and as he entered he was met by his family at the table. "Well I'm glad you decided to wait for me. " Cop said upon entering and seeing his family. "You know we always wait for you daddy " his little daughter replied, Cooper walked over to the table and sat down "Spaghetti? " "Well you know I also have a job officer " "It's inspector ". After the heavy meal Cooper decide to read his daughter a bed time story. "Okay get in bed" Sally got I'm bed eagerly waiting for the bed time story. "So, Sally, which story would you like to hear? " "The Adventures of Officer Cop". Cooper was reluctant to read that comic for her because he never really liked it, being the introverted person that he was, he didn't really like talking about himself, but since this was his daughter he'd always make it slide and read her the comic book, sometimes he would even tell her stories that happed to him at work. "Okay... So where did we remain? " "Page 54,daddy " "Officer Cooper had another hard case on his head with the kidnapping of his dear friend George " that part always amused Cooper since it had his fellow friend involved in the story, "So he decided to get in his car and go to the old abandoned amusement park. When he got there 6 clowns awaited him with big guns, they started to shoot at him but he dodged every bullet knocking them out in the process, after that he continued in the maze of mirrors and... " Cooper realized his daughter had fallen asleep just as he was getting to his favourite part, he planted a kiss on her forehead and got up. "You never liked that comic" "I did at the beginning, but they started to add aliens and ghost, it didn't feel like it was me anymore" "I would be happy if I was a super hero " "It wasn't easy getting to that status " "I know, I know, it was great will, not giving up... " "It was you" Cooper stopped Abigail before she could finish her sentence. "Me? " "I didn't have anything else to live for after the war. But how lucky was I that I got shoot and it gave me the chance to meet one random nurse. " "Still don't know how I feel for someone younger than me" "Because I had that charm, Abigail, anyways after the war we got married and I had someone to work for, I went to police school, I started making money and finally 10 years ago my career peaked, you know why? " "Sally " "Exactly, my beautiful little daughter was born so I had every thing to work for. You 2 are the reasons I'm Cop " "I don't know what to say " "Let's go to bed. I'm already tired as it is and I made this confession while being sober, so I need some sleep to process it all". The next morning Cop was in time at work. "Cop, you bored? " George asked seeing as Cop almost feel asleep on his desk, Cooper just looked at him with a blanked face "Never mind I don't care, go work with some youngsters help them learn some stuff from you" "Do I really have to? " "Well you know I could fire you. Come make these kids dream come true. It will be calm" "Why don't you make their dream come ?" "I make dreams come true by giving raises, right now I'm not planning on giving them a raise " "Fine. But you owe me one" as Cop got up and started to walk away George stopped him "You still didn't answer my question from yesterday blue, white, black, hazelnut?" "You could wear pink as much as I care " "We will wear matching clothes " "I don't care" Cop said as he walked out of the building. When he was outside he saw the team he was spending the day with. It was those kids that he met at his celebration. Cooper entered the car and greeted them, they were excited to say the least. "Four weren't there four of you? " Cooper asked "Adrian got a GSW yesterday night " "GSW? " Cooper asked "Gun shot wound " Eugen replied who had been carrying the conversation while Sebastian drove the car and Nem was sat besides him. "Ah... I never really learnt the police jargon, how bad and where is the wound? " "His humerus was shot, if lucky it won't get amputated" "Close range?" "Very close " "So all of you are scared now" "No we're not" a brave but stuttering man replied from the front. "If you may pardon me I forgot your name" "Nemanja " "Okay Nemanja. You're telling me that you are not afraid of death? Of loosing everything you hold dear" silence filled the car until Cop broke it "I know I am" "You're right" Nemanja said shamefully "No need to be ashamed or embarrassed, we all feel this way but use the feeling as fuel". After some more driving around Cop asked "Who do you guys do this for? " "My parents " both Nemanja and Eugen answered, but the other kid was being silent the hole ride "And you...? " "I do it for my brother " "Is there anything wrong umm... " "Sebastian, it's Sebastian. And everything is alright inspector ", "I've been an officer for 20 years, I can smell a lie from a mile away. What's wrong " "He's suffering from a rare disease I can't remember it's name to be honest, and I can't really afford to pay his bills " "I'll talk with George see if he wants to give you a raise" "You would do that? " before Cop could let out a word from his mouth Sebastian continued "Thank you, thank you" "You're welcome. Now why don't we get some donuts and coffee " the young officers all agreed and they went over to the store. During the day Cooper really bonded with these recruits telling them all kinds of stories, he could almost feel like they were becoming his friends. While talking the radio cut them off "There is a B&E {NYC STREET AND HOUSE NUMBER} " "Crap.That's close to us" Eugen said "B&E? " Cooper asked "Breaking and entering " Nemanja replied "What are we waiting for then? Step it Sebastian " as soon as Coo said that Sebastian stepped on the gas and made the car go as fast as it could. "Okay, so I assume there is a back door entrance too. I'll take Sebastian with me through the back since he is the youngest, you two will be going from the front,wait until we are out of your view" as Cooper said those words they got to the house. It was a big white house, one Mercury Monterey was in front of the house, Cop could only assume it wasn't the owners car. "Okay remember the plan " Sebastian and Cooper slowly made their way to the back of the house. Upon entering they saw a shot dog in the middle of the garden. Cooper immediately knew that this was not going to be the easiest mission he had, the back door was open. Coming closer to the door they heard a shout from the front. Quickly rushing in they saw Nemanja and Eugen handcuff a man that had a Beretta 950. Cooper unmasked the man and proceeded to question him "How many of you are in here " "Between 1 and 6" the man laughed "Very funny" Cop pointed his gun at the man "Once again how many of you are here "Not going to tell you dog". The man said those words Cop tried to give him a stare to remember but he wouldn't budge, that's when Cop shot but right besides his head "FOUR, THERE ARE FOUR OF US" the man let out a panicked scream "Good, Nemanja take him to the car" . Nemanja listened to Cop and proceeded to take the man to the car. "3 left. I want you to have eyes at the back of your head" Cop said. "They know we're here" a somewhat panicked Sebastian followed up "That's what makes it fun ". As they walked up the stairs Cop suddenly stopped, "What's the matter Cop? " Eugen asked "There's a nice chance that when we get up there they will be waiting for us, and than they'll open fire ". As they were speaking Sebastian turned around, two gunshots is all that Cop heard before seeing a man behind them fall down. Sebastian managed to shoot him in the leg with one bullet but the other one missed. "He tried to sneak with a knife? Amateurs." Eugen said "Sebastian guard the stairs. Eugen we're going in". As Cop and Eugen made their way up and into the hole way nobody waited for them. Walking down the hall Cop stopped and listened. He could almost hear a muffled cry. He entered the third room to the right, when he opened the door he saw a woman tied up, she was trying to indicate something, but what, Cop continued to walk inside the room but than he felt a cold hand around his neck, all of a sudden a man had him in a choke hold, the man pulled something out of his pocket and than Cop felt something sharp around his neck, "Good night officer" the man spoke out. Just as he felt the knife pressing harder against his neck, the man dropped it and he let go of Cop. When Cop Turned around he saw Eugen hold the about 6'5 man in a choke hold, but he escaped quickly giving Eugen 2 elbows to the gut . Cop reacted quickly, picking up the knife off the floor and stabing it in the man's knee, he was hurt but not down, he tried to punch Cop one last time but he failed, after that Eugen kicked him in the back of the leg and the man went down. Eugen handcuffed the man as Cop untied the woman who watched in horror as everything was happenig. While they were doing their job a shout came from downstairs "He's escaping. They quickly ran down and outside . Once they were outside the trio of Sebastian, Cop and Eugen saw a dead man, brains splattered all over the side walk and Nemanja with a gun in his hand, just as they witnessed that backup was coming "Let's go, they'll take it from here ". They got in the car and continued to drive back to the police station. They were all talking expect Nemanja "What's the matter, first kill?' Cop asked "Yep ". Cop just gave him a nice pat pat on the back and said "You'll get over it ". After some time in the car they finally made it to the station. "This was great fun boys. You've all got potential don't waste it " Cop said as he exited the vehicle "Yes sir " all of them replied. Cooper immediately entered George's office. "It's going to be calm" "Look I didn't know there would be a break in" Cop moved behind George and opened up a drawer "Hey, hey, what are you doing " when he opened the drawer he saw a collection of whiskey, he took one and continued towards the exit "My payment " "You're a great role model " "I know" he said while exiting and taking a sip out of the 2 litre bottle. He entered his car and played his favourite song 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. Rain started to pour down from the sky, driving closer and closer to home with a cigar in his mouth he was thinking about the day. Nearing home he saw a lot of police in an alley way. Being an inspector he decided to stop the car and exit to check the scene out. Walking towards the scene his feet we're hitting puddles and his coat was waving because of the wind. He lifted the police line and took a look at the scene there were two bodies covered up. Walking towards Cop was John. "I think you should leave inspector Cop" "Why would I leave this is my job" "Please, you shouldn't be here" Cop didn't listen and he walked closer to the bodies "I'm just taking a look" , as he took the blanket off the faces of the bodies he saw a gruesome sight, it was his beautiful wife and daughter both with a hole in their heads.

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