Part 9

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Victoria: Mom where are you?
Mom: Coming home x
Victoria: hurry up
Mom: Babe I'm coming as fast as I can.
Victoria: Daddy's acting strange
Mom: Daddy?! You never call him that.
Victoria: he went upstairs to check if Danny was asleep and I heard them both begin to cry.
Mom: Hon are you sure Dad was crying?
Victoria: yes, Daddy was crying.
Mom: Stop calling him Daddy!
Victoria: he ran down the stairs crying his eyes out and screaming 'she's dead she's dead!'
Mom: Who's dead?
Victoria: me.
Mom: Oml Victoria wait a min, Dad's calling me.
~5 minutes later~
Mom: Get off of my daughter's phone! HOW COULD YOU KILL MY DAUGHTER!!
Victoria: How sad, that you keep texting this number, when you could just talk to me.
Mom: What do you mean?!
Victoria: I'm right behind you.

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