Bonus Chapter -Pyar dosti hai.

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Happy friendship day guys!

Pyar dosti hai - Love is friendship.

Few hours after the tracker had been removed from Sumo.

Suman's POV.

"Shravan why are we not leaving?" I frowned at him as I saw others slowly move towards the cars parked. He held me back by gripping my wrist and made me stop from stepping out of the reception area of the hospital

"We will." He did not bother to lift his eyes from his phone





"Shrav-" I stopped midway, distracted by a bright colour.

Bright yellow colour.

Bright yellow Lamborghini.

It was like a drop of sun had melted and descended on the ground and illuminated the late evening horizon.

I stared at it mesmerised as it came to a halt just outside the building.

I had heard about it, read about it and seen it on television but never in actual in front of my eyes.

I am not a car person and don't get too excited about the models, makes etc. However this is one car that has always fascinated me, for some reasons.

I felt some movement but barely noticed till my vision tilted. I tore my eyes from the mesmerizing mass of power in front of me and looked around and gasped.

"Shravan put me down!" I felt my cheeks go warm as I found myself lifted bridal style in Shravan's arm.

"Soon." He smiled and strode outwards stopping right in front of the dream machine. From my suspended position I saw fascinated as the doors lifted up and a young man alight from it.

"Thanks Harry." I heard Shravan say and realised he knows the man.

"Not a problem." The man grinned and walked away leaving the doors as they were.

Before my brain could register all this I heard Shravan say softly:

"Your chariot awaits you princess."

I sighed closing my eyes "You remembered."

Of course he did, like so many other things.

"What kind of a friend would I be if I forgot what my best friend's heart desired?" He grinned as he placed me gently on the seat, mindful of the fresh stiches on my back.

That is what it was with him. Not a show of money or urge to impress. Just the simple attempt and priority  to fulfil all my dreams and desires.

Big or small- to him they held the same importance.

Even as I sat in my dream car my heart filled with warmth that only this man could generate.

"You are the best." I whispered in his ears as he bent to fasten my seat belt. His eyes met mine and locked for a brief moment before a naughty grin spread on his face.

"I know I am." he smirked. I had to bite my lower lip to stop myself from laughing.

"The car- I was talking about the car." I said as he took his place behind the steering wheel.

"Liar." He grinned and the next instance the throbbing power of the car came alive as he turned the ignition key.

"Ready to fly princess?" his smile was contagious.

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