When you guys see each other again

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After the incedent with haru, you could stop thinking about his beautiful blue eyes. You were ondeway to school and in your bag was Haru ' s jacket.

~Skip time brought to you by Sakamaki Shuu and his laziness ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿 ╰(*´︶'*)╯~

You were walking down the hallways and saw Haru was leaning again the wall. It's was weird for you and you thought that it would be nice if you talk to him.

"Hey Haru, what are you doing here?"you ask. He look at you with his bored (Me:But still handsome. angelpeko:Hehe that's why he is my husband (´。• ω •。') ) face and reply with a bored tone,"I'm waiting Makoto". "Ooo " you say.

Then you remember something,"Here you go " you say and gave him your jacket. "Thanks for the jacket " you say with a smile. Haru look at you and looked at the jacket. He take it and ask,"Hey...do you want to be my partner for the art class?". You were shocked and play it cool,"Sure, why not " you reply with a big smile in you face. "Ok then see you later on class " he says and left.

'Wait, he said that he was waiting Makoto but why is he leaving? Or maybe...He just wanted to ask me about the art class.....That would be weird!'you say to yourself.

It was saturday and your were riding your bike. Suddenly, you saw a pool and beside the pool there was a sakura tree. You smiled to yourself and took out your camera from your basket and took some picture.

Suddenly, someone tap your shoulder. You scream and drop your camera but it was caught by a big hand (me:Hehe (*≧ω≦*) ) . You were confused and look at up. You were shocked because it was Makoto caught your camera.

"Fuh, that was a close one and hey (Y/N)"say Makoto with his warm-handsome smile (me: (´• ω •') ). "H-hey Makoto " you reaply.

"So, what are you doing here?"he ask and gave your camera back. "Umm...I was just looking some beautiful places to relax and take some pictures " you reaply. "Ooo " say Makoto.

Then, there was silent over you two for 3 minitues (me: (*´▽'*) ). "So....you studied at Iwatobi High?"you ask. "Oh, yup! I even join the swim club " he reaply. "Ooo, well actually....next week, I will attend this school and....I was wondering.....if you can gave me a tour of the school...pretty please?"you ask. "Eh? Sure! It will be my pleasure " he reaply with his smile. "Okay thanks! I'll see you on monday! " you say and started paddling to the park.

You were working and it was your break time. "Chief! Today I will go out to buy myself some creape! Do you want anything when I'm out?" You ask your chief. "Hmm....I want latte kay extra milk " your chief reply and gave you some money. "Okay! See you later!"you say and open your apron and head to the back door.

~Skip to you brought by Sakamaki Shuu and his lazyness! ~ ☆ ~('▽^人)

You were ondeway buying some creape. As you arrived there, you order and suddenly, someone tap your shoulder. You turn and saw Nagisa and smiled. "Hey (Y/N)!What are you here? Your suppose to work right?"he asked you. You smile and take your creape and say,"Oh, I'm on my break".

"Ooo " Nagisa reply."Well got to go. You can stop at the cafe anytime you want too" you say and take off before your lunch hour ended.

You at the library and was studying. After hours of studying, you would like to read Dork Diaries. You father doesn't gave you to read that book because he says that it won't gave you any good but you thought that it was funny and you like it so much. So every time you went to the library, you always read it after studying.

You were having trouble with getting the book from the shelf because you were short....a bit.... (me:If your not short, just pretend it).Suddenly, someone grab that book. You were surprised and turn around to see who is talking your book.

When you turn around, you saw Rei. He was smiling at you and hold your book. "Here you go (Y/N)" say Rei and gave at you. "T-thanks" you reply. "So, you like 'Dork Diaries'?"he asked."Umm....yeah.I liked it because it's funny and it's interesting if you read it!"you say with a smile. Rei ' s cheecks has a tint of blush. "O-ooo...okay " he says.

"Any way, do you want me to.....ummmm.....company you?"he asked. "Yeah sure and thanks for the book " you say with asked smile. He just smile and both of you walk to the bean bags.

Me:I want to say sorry if I update it late because I'm having a high fever. My relatives says that I should check my blood because they tho I could get a serious hight fever!😱. Well better it my medicine before my mom mad at me. Baii baii my lovely readers!💖

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