Regenerated Feelings?

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This is gonna be long. Go get chips. Also, the picture doesn't relate to the story, I just needed a pic of her and Ethan.
"Now I'm never gonna get Shelby..." Will says sadly
Graser sits by me. I could sense his loud presence.
"Will, don't say that! You'll get her eventually. Things could go wrong with her and Ethan, you know." Graser said softly
"And if things go well?" I say looking up from the pillow
"Then... Just confess to her before we leave. At least you know that you got your feelings off of your chest before we go home." Said Graser
I went silent. I couldn't believe that this was happening. I'm possibly losing the girl I love, to the guy who has already lost her before.
"Will... I'm so sorry! I shouldn't of told her to go. If you want, I'll go over to her and change her mind." Parker says guiltily
"No... She's already looking forward to it... Plus, I don't wanna ruin her happiness with my selfishness. I love her too much to do that..."
Jameow: I feel bad for Will, and I'm the one writing this xD

Liam, Graser, and Parker looked at Will, and began to feel terrible. They've never seen Will this depressed.
Suddenly, Shelby walks out of her room, all dressed up. She wore a light blue crop top, skinny jeans, and a gray flannel tied around her waist. With some light blue converse
She saw Will and immediately ran towards him.
"Will... Are you okay?! What's wrong with him??" Shelby asked very concerned
"He's--" Graser gets cut off by Will
"I just... Don't feel too well, Shelby." I look up at her
"You l-look beautiful..." I could feel my cheeks heating up
"Heh... Thanks Will." Shelby's cheeks blush a bright pink
"If you don't feel well, I could just cancel lunch with Ethan, and stay and help take care of you." She says kindly
I thought about it. She was so generous, but I knew I couldn't ruin it. She got ready for everything. If you love her, Will, let her go... (Peep that P!ATD reference)
"No... No. You got ready and everything, and I suppose you're looking forward to it, so, go ahead. Go on your lunch date." I was already regretting it
"Are you sure?" She asks
No, Will, no.
"Yes, I'm sure." I say with a small smile
"Alright, I'll see you guys when I get back then. There's frozen pizza in the freezer. Ethan's already here. Don't wreck the apartment!" She says walking out the door
And at that moment, I regret it a lot more.

"Dude, you could've let her stay!" I say loudly
"You know I wouldn't be able to do that, Grase. I even told myself, that if I loved her I'd let her go." He said sadly
Dang, that was deep, Will.
"You know what! We're gonna have a boys day!" I suggest
"I don't wanna leave this apartment, Graser." Will said seriously
"We don't have to! We could just order fresh pizza, and watch each other's videos!"
"You want those views, huh?" Asked Liam
"We already know the answer to that question." Parker says laughing

Meanwhile with Shelby

I meet up with Ethan as he was coming up to my apartment.
"Hey! I was just gonna come and get you." He says
"Haha, I guess, the earlier the better!"
We make our way to his car, and hop in
"Yup, so what do you have planned?" I ask
"You'll see. I've got something special planned." He says with a grin
Later, I see that we stopped at a park.
"We're gonna have a picnic!" He says enthusiastically
"Oh. How fun!"
We set up the picnic, and begin to eat... But he apologizes for a specific topic
"Hey... I'm sorry for drifting apart from you and Liam. I know it was a jerk move." He says sadly
"Ethan, I forgive you, but why did you drift away from Liam and I? That's the question that I've always wanted the answer for."
"Well... I was jealous. I felt... It felt like you were replacing me with him. I didn't like that. Things were even worse... Because well... I had a huge crush on you at the time."
He had a crush... On me too? Woah... That just brought back a whole lot of feelings... I don't even know who I like anymore... If I didn't leave to have lunch with Ethan, would I still have feelings for Will? Will doesn't even like me back, so why does this even matter.
"You were my high school crush, too Ethan. And... Maybe... Those feelings are back."
"I think it's mutual." Ethan says
Ethan reaches in, and they kiss.
Yup... Those feelings are back.
They wrap up lunch, and just decide to go explore around L.A.
They get ice cream, walked around the beach, and talked about their lives.
Little did Shelby know, that those feelings, were leading her into a trap.
The date was over, and they were both back at her apartment, standing in front of her door.
"I-I had a great time." I say blushing
"I did too, and to be honest, I think I've fallen in love with you all over again." He says grinning
"I-I think I feel the same..." I say, totally mesmerized by his charm.
"I know you're busy tomorrow, with your meet up and everything, but I was wondering if you'd meet me at the rooftop of the hotel, where the YouTuber party is. I've got another thing planned for you there. At 7pm." Ethan says, this time blushing
"I sure will." I say
They kiss. Again.
"Well, I'll see you then!"
"Alright, have a good night, Shelbs." He says waving
"You too!" I say, head over heels.
I begin unlocking my apartment door, and walk in to see Liam, Graser, and Parker playing Uno, while Will is still laying on the couch eating pizza.
"Hey! What did I miss?" I ask loudly
"You honestly didn't miss anything." Said Liam
"Yeah, we just gave Graser views by watching his vids." Parker said shaking his head
"Haha... hehe..." Laughed Graser
"How is Will doing? Is he feeling better?" I asked.
"I'm doing fine, Shelby. How was your date?" Will asked with a raspy voice
"Yeah... How was it? Did it go terrible?! I knew it!" Graser said
"No... Actually. It went great! We went on a picnic, confessed our feelings, kissed, ate ice cream, went to the beach, and kissed again before I came in!" I say completely head over heals again.
Graser mouths "oh noooo."
Liam and Parker could tell Will didn't feel any better after that.
"Th-that's gr-great Shelby... I-I just need to g-go lay down in the other room... I suddenly don't feel too well. Heh. I'm glad you enjoyed your day..." Will said.
He really doesn't sound well at all...
"I-I'm gonna go make sure Will's okay..." Graser said, heading toward Gizzy's room.
"Do-do you need help with Will?" I ask concerned
"Nah, I can take care of him." Graser said.
"Shelby, Liam and I are gonna go. Thanks for allowing us to stay over." Parker says awkwardly
"N-no problem..." I say
"I'll meet you guys at the meet up, tomorrow!"
"Bye!" Liam and Parker say in unison

I feel horrible. I've lost her. I have completely lost her. I-I lost. I can't even speak anymore. It's like my body shut down. This is all my fault. I had the chance to tell her not to leave. I shouldn't have developed feelings for her in the first place. She's-she's just... My world! My frickin world! The reason why I feel happiness, is because of her! The reason why I feel sadness, is because of her! The reason why I haven't broken down because of Graser, is because of her. I didn't ever think that a single person could impact me so much. I could've done something. I could've confessed sooner. But no! And now, I lost her. The person who meant so much to me.
"Hey dude... How ya holding up?" I asked quietly
To be continued...
Well... That was long... XD
I didn't mark this as a part one, because there isn't much left of it. Tomorrow's chapter is gonna be mostly based off of vid con, and Ethan's rooftop surprise. Anyways, thanks for the support! And if you're new, welcome to the "jar of jam" fam! XD I'll explain why I call you guys that tomorrow

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