Part 13- I'm home (again)

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"But why?" Aaron asked "I only like you as a friend plus I have someone else I love" I said "I don't accept it! Not agreeing!" Aaron said "Just accept it Aaron, I DO NOT like to be in love with you because I have someone else I love" I said and ran downstairs to Sly and cried on his chest "Hey what's wrong?" Sly asked and was expecting an answer but nothing was said.

Sly's P.O.V

I was talking with skymedia when Jess ran to me and cried on my chest "Hey what's wrong?" I ask but no answer "Sly what happened?" Jin asked "I don't know" I said "Alex? Any idea on what happened?" Kala asked and then Alex talked telepathically and explained to us what happened. After Alex explained I noticed Jess wasn't crying anymore and fell asleep when Aaron came down "What the heck Aph!" Aaron exclaimed angrily "You aren't talking to her because she is sleeping" Barney said "What happened to Aphmau!?" Katelyn asked "Ask your friend that" I said " We should be asking you that!" Laurance said then Jess started waking up "Hey Jess" I said and she removed her head from my chest "Hey" she said and rubbed her eyes.

Jess' P.O.V

I continued to cry on Sly's chest then fell asleep. I woke up with Laurance screaming "We should be asking you that!" then Sly said "Hey Jess and I removed my head from Sly's chest "Hey" I said and rubbed my eyes "Aphmau! What did they do to you!!?" Dante asked "Nothing" I said "They obviously did something! Your crying!" Garroth said "Umm.." I said "Can we do it?" Alex asked "N– Yea sure" I said "Aphmau or Jess and Aaron broke up" the group said "WHAT!!? But Aph loved Aaron!" Mystreet said "Yes! Aaron is now completely mine!" Michi said "Whatever" I said "Aphmau~Senpai, Kawaii~Chan's ship!" KC said "I'm sorry Kawaii~Chan but your ship never sailed, starting high school" I said "But Kawaii~Chan ship was supposed to happen!" KC said "I like someone else, in fact I'm married" I said "Who is it!? Tell us!! I will kill him!!" all of the guys exclaimed "Do you think I will tell you if you will kill him!?" I asked "JUST TELL US!!" they said "Fine, if I tell you I will give you all a kiss and you have to shut up" I said "Yes!!" They said "A person I knew since I was a kid" I said and ran behind them and hit them on the head and they were kissing the floor "We will take our leave now" I said and we left out the door and Steven jumped out the window "How are we going to go home?" Jordan asked "I can teleport you guys there" I said "Thanks" they said "No problem" I said "Bye then" I said and we said bye and I teleported them back to their homes "Aphmau! We're coming with you!!" Aaron exclaimed (hell nah Aaron) running towards us and I teleported us back outside of the hall and when I looked at it, it still looks the same as I have left it... I'm back home, finally.

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