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Wattpad Name: PotatoChips

Real Name: Myka

Title of your first story on Wattpad: Nothing More to Say

What inspires you to write: Inspiration comes randomly, but if I have to enumerate, I could give two. And those are: love and rain.

What is your favorite genre: Teen Fiction

What made you choose your username: Hehe, I love potato chips. My stomach is filled with Lays.

Do you plan to release more stories on Wattpad: Yup! Or maybe not...

Link to your story that you would like to advertise: http://www.wattpad.com/4435778-nothing-more-to-say

If you could Inspire your fans and fellow newcomers to Wattpad what would you say: Write what you want. Write for yourself, never for somebody else, because that wouldn't be as good as the story which captivated your heart. And of course, listen to the songs you love. :)

What is your dream for your stories here on Wattpad: But I've got nothing more to say... :(

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