I groaned as did Sofia. I then got up from the bed and Sofia ran her hands through her hair

"I swear we have our own house now and we still get interrupted" i said as I put my shirt back on

"I'll be back" I mumbled as I made my way towards the door

I fixed my hair best I could as I angrily walked towards the destination of he annoying noises

"What" I said rather coldly as I swung the door open and to my surprise the last person I wanted to see here was the cause of the annoying sound

"Camila w- what are you doing here again?" I asked

"Took you long enough" she said crossing her arms "anyway I um forgot my sweater" she said and closed my eyes letting out a deep breath

"Can I come in to get it" she asked and I nodded moving out of the way so she could enter

She looked around the living room until she saw it on the couch and grabbed it

"Thanks sorry for the bother" she said

I was gonna respond but I noticed she kept staring at me

"What?" I asked confused

"Your um- your shirt is inside out" she said and I looked down at it and blushed "oh um yea. Wow didn't notice that" I said awkwardly

I looked up at her again and she was still staring at me. I was about to ask her about it until she spoke up

"U-um i should go" she said with a hint of sadness in her voice "sorry for bothering you guys" she said with her voice breaking a little and then started making her way out

"Continue having a good night" she then said angrily and slammed the door shut

"What the fuck?" I groaned I walked back to our bedroom but on my way I looked at myself through the mirror in the hall and I noticed my lips were swollen and I had red lipstick smudged all over my face

I ran my hand through my hair and proceeded to my room. Maybe we can continue

That thought was gone as soon as I saw Sofia passed out

I balled my hands into fists and then grabbed a pillow and screamed into frustratedly

Camila keeps getting in the way of things that I want to do with Sofia


The next day I went to visit Sofia at her recording studio so that we could have lunch together

She told me she felt bad about last night and that she'd make it up to me. So I'm hoping no one will interrupt us then

We ate and talked about our day as well as finishing up some homework together but she had to get back to work

On my way out I bumped into Camila

"Hey what are you doing here?" She asked me

"Oh I came to visit Sofia" I said

"Oh she's signed to Republic?" She asked and I nodded

"Yea. What are you doing here?" I asked since I knew she wasn't signed to this label

"I came to visit Shawn. You know mendes" she said and I nodded "yea but I was actually on my way out" she said

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