Chapter 9

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Y/N's POV:

Sofia and I said our goodbyes to everyone as they exited our house. It was actually a fun night. But it was also a little awkward. I mean being in your new home with your girlfriend while your in laws and ex in laws along with your parents and ex girlfriend doesn't seem like the best moment ever

However it still was a nice night

Sofia and I headed towards our room and we collapsed on the bed

"I'm so tired" Sofia groaned

"I know me too" I responded

She had her eyes shut and sighed. I reached over and grabbed her hand

"Look at the bright side" I said catching her attention as she looked at me "at least now we can finally fall asleep in each other's arms" I said to her and she smiled

"Yea you're right on that " she said

I leaned over to hover over her and slowly leaned in to catch her lips

I started off slow and she smiled. I stopped kissing her and looked into her eyes for a moment and then she brought my head back down to kiss her again. This time I added a little more pressure. I licked her bottom lip and she allowed my tongue to enter her mouth

She started taking control. I placed a hand on her hip and started slightly touching the skin under her shirt

I traced my lips down her jaw to her neck and started to suck on the spot I knew she loved and She let out the first moan of the night. She brought my lips back to hers to kiss her again

She trailed her hands to the hem of my shirt to take my shirt off. Once it was off I tossed it to the ground somewhere and I felt her hands roam my shoulders all the way to my back then to my stomach

She was holding on to my head like I was the most precious thing in the world. She kissed me so passionately. My head was spinning

I went to her ear and sucked just below it. I pulled away a little and
I saw her bite her lip and she let out a little moan as I started kissing her neck. I bit down probably leaving a mark on her.

I brought my hands down to the hem of her shirt and lifted it up. She got up a little to remove it and I pushed her back down on the mattress.

I kissed down her collarbone down to her chest. I unclasped her bra and threw it somewhere. I immediately attached my mouth to one of her breasts and started to suck on it harshly. She tangled her fingers into my hair and moaned "Y/n"

She reached down to grab my free hand and held my hand. I looked up to see her with eyes closed and her mouth was open slightly letting out pants and deep breaths

I started kissing down her body again. Leaving little bites here and there. I licked down her stomach til I reached the waistband of her jeans. I eagerly unbuttoned them and threw them on the ground. I looked down at her underwear and licked my lips

Just as I was about to pull down her underwear we heard the door bell.

"What the hell" I whispered as my head lifted up

"Shhh maybe they'll go away if we don't answer" Sofia said and that causes me to raise my eyebrows and smile at her

She's usually always being polite and would usually get up right away to answer it

"That's a First " I said

"Shh now continue please" she said and just as I was about to pull her underwear down again the doorbell rang again and this time they also knocked on the door repeatedly

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