Entry #485 The Timeless- Dr. M. Queffle

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Time does not heal all wounds. It does not strengthen nor weaken bonds of body and spirit. Time is neutrality. It is a bystander, watching as wars clash, creatures die and loves pass.

It cycles forward and backward, finding joy and loss in the rise of great civilizations and the fall of peoples long forgotten. Does it remember us? Or are we cast aside into facelessness and degradation? Who are those which bow to Time?

There are those who weep. Those that beg. Those that bargain for something they can never have.

"Just one more second, one more moment, one more hour--- let me have just one more day."

Time does not listen. It cannot, will not because they ask for something that Time cannot give.

Then, out of the depths of falsehood, writhing beneath notoriety, we came into being. We are those which take what we need. We forge and scour. We turn Time back on itself, never swaying under its pull, no longer at its beck and call.

Those around us call us miracles, mistakes, and monsters, but we know what we are.

We are Timeless.

-Dr. M. Queffle, Date Unknown

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